A review with pictures and reports of past Magnette events from all over the world

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Magnettes and Steam 2014

(Text by Peter Martin, photos by Stephen Tickell)
As is traditional for The Magnette Register, we started off the new season with our Magnettes & Steam event on Easter Saturday, and what a cracker of an event it turned out to be! After the disappointment of having to cancel last years Magnettes & Steam at the last minute because of heavy snow fall, it is nice to be able to report that with the late Easter this year, we were blessed with a lovely dry sunny day which resulted in an excellent turnout of cars. 
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2nd Caravan Antique Car to El Triunfo

On Saturday March 15 was held our 2nd Caravan Antique Car , with destination the historic community called " El Triunfo " . On this small town located about 50 km south of our beautiful city and port of La Paz, let me share a brief history.

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News from La Paz, Mexico

Here in Mexico we have an expression for when a planned activity is met, we say : " A promise is a debt.

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Classic car events in 2013 in Mexico

Greetings to all magnetteers from La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico . The 2013 season of classic and antique cars expositions in this beautiful port city of Mexico has finished, I extend a brief report of our participation in the three major events this year :
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Magnette60 in Australia

At the end of October the MGCCSA celebrated the Magnette 60 birthday at Strathalbyn in South Australia.
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GOF Magnette 60th at Wagga Wagga- New South Wales

from Laurence [Loz] Scott

GOF 2013 01a Title   - the Wagga Wagga MG Car Club has again conducted another successful gathering. As the image shows the GoF highlights the 60th anniversary of our Magnettes. The Magnette entrants came a day earlier to attend a special Z Type 60th Dinner on the 12th Sept. Peter Baldry and Paul Vermont provided further information on the night and sold all the available Anniversary Grill badges.