Tech tips

This technical section was originally a separate website ( set up by the Magnette Register in 2009 as a resource for all owners of the ZA/ZB. The aim was to provide technical support on various aspects of modification, maintenance and restoration. It wasn't possible in 2009 to use for a structured catalogue of information, but rebuilding of the main Register site has now enabled the technical content from zmagnettetech to be imported.

Some of the information here was previously published by the Register as the 'Z Magnette Modifications Manual', edited by Malcolm Eades, and some was actually on as a smaller 'Tech tips' section. Forum postings from and MG Experience have also been referenced. By bringing these various sources together it's hoped that Magnette enthusiasts will more easily be able to find information, and will be encouraged to contribute based on their own experiences - when logged in to this site you will be able to add comments to existing articles.