A review with pictures and reports of past Magnette events from all over the world

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Lou Shorten Tribute weekend 7/8th October 2023

Although the promised hot sunny weather didn't quite live up to expectations there was a good turnout for the traditional end of season Norfolk weekend, with more than 10 Magnettes at both days.

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Kop Hill Climb 16-17 Sept 2023

This annual event celebrates one of the earliest UK hill climb venues, used from 1910-1925. As usual there were hundreds of veteran, vintage and classic cars both on the hill and in the display parking, but this year there was also a special MG display area to mark the MG100 centenary

Photos by Anthony White

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Yorkshire weekend 5-6th September 2023

As might be expected for a typical British summer, we had rather cool and damp weather, and not just in Yorkshire ! This possibly accounted for the low number of Magnettes, and also the AGM originally planned for Sun 6th had been rescheduled to take place on the Norwich weekend.

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Magnette Day 23-26 June 2023

To many Magnetteers around Europe, the last weekend in June is always special. For 27 years Magnettes and their owners have assembled to meet, to drive their cars though spectacular scenery and to enjoy the unique, relaxed atmosphere of this event.

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MG100 Silverstone 10-11 June 2023

The annual Car Club weekend at Silverstone was a joint event this year with the Standard Triumph Club, as both MG and Triumph were established 100 years ago.

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70th Anniversary, 19-21 May 2023

Our weekend to celebrate 70 years since the Z Magnette launch was fittingly based in the Abingdon area, with the house and grounds of Milton Manor providing a stunning backdrop for the first day. It started early for some participants, with a Friday evening pub meal in Milton, then the organizers gathered on the following morning to prepare for the arrival of about 25 cars expected.