5th March 2013

I've added 30(!) Magnettes to the gallery. Yes you have read right - thirty. And I need your help. These cars are all not identified by their chassis numbers. In some cases I even don't know the country they are driving or rusting. Have a lok at the gallery and choos the categorie "unidntified cars" to see them all. By the way: we have the first Uruguay Magnette amoung them...

Enjoy! More in this categorie to come during the next days,...

3rd March 2013

I'm still uploading and editing the old stuff from the former website, which you only recognize once you can't find an article you're looking for. Beside some articles of owners, which can be found in the galley, I reloaded the Official Colour Scheme to the History menu. This article includes some Akzo Nobel colour codes. Not sure if these are still helping.


24th February 2013

More old reports are now avail. again. Amoungst the Malcolm Robertson series "living with Alison" - a detailed restoration report. Can be found under reports & stories. I also came across this article:  2004_seattle - a photo report from Seattle. Who is the author please?


22nd February

The fascinating reports of Josed de Sousa's trips across Asia are online now again in our section "reports & stories".

21st February 2013

Anders Bäcklund from Sweden sent two nice pictures of his cars for the gallery. '22522 and 36622 are added. You easily find them with the search function in the gallery. Just type in the chassis number or have a look at all cars from Sweden...

19th February 2013

All event reports bach to the year 2000 are now accessible again. look inthe left navigation bar at "Events" and then "Event reports". looking forward to the next season with new reports and pictures...

18th February 2013

With some delay we show the pictures and report of another car show in La Paz, Mexico, where Luis Benito is waving the MG Magnette flag. Although the old reports back to 2009 are uploaded. The earlier years going back to 2000 will be back soon.