9th October 2014

More pictures by Barrie Hope added to the Norwich event.

Hello Magnettiers from all over the world!

The MGCC Z & Farina Magnette Register wishes you 
a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

I announced it several times and I hope I don't dissapoint you. Here's your free christmas gift. Download your own Magnette-screensaver now! (1,5 MB).  It's easy to install and even uninstall. I  hope you enjoy it.
But we have more. There are several updates:
Paul Barrow kindly sent me two new book reviews, which can be read at BOOKS and he also sent me the following  
latest News on Reproduction of Magnette ZA / ZB Tool roll:
Following recent enquiries, it will be possible for a limited production run of 30 only to be made of the tool roll. 
The biggest problem has been the sourcing of the bitumen backed hessian and this is now possibly over come. As to pricing, the likely outturn will be £40.00 including UK VAT (£34.04 export and VAT Exempted Sales). In order to secure the financing, I am now interested in receiving firm indications from people who are seriously interested in taking advantage of this limited run. If there is sufficient excess demand we may be able to extend the run, however, due to the supply of the raw material, a second run can not be guaranteed.  Please email your intentions to Paul Barrow as soon as possible please on the link below. Thanks.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I hope you all enjoyed this month's entry page with Santa Claus and some snowfall. 
In my last notes  I promised a christmas gift for our visitors. But it's still not christmas, so you still have to wait...and come back at christmas!
But to shorten time I created a test for you. Find out whether you are an Magnette-expert. Click here for the Magnette-expert-test.
Again it's necessary to activate JavaScript in your browser (most surfers already have).
See you again at christmas for the free christmas gift. 

The price lists of our suppliers are much quicker to download now.  I'm just preparing a Christmas gift for you... Worth waiting for it !
Please sign our guestbook. Let's get it a "Who is who" or better "Who got one" (Magnette).

We now have a site for Magnette suppliers, where you can download a price list! Should you order from them, please mention our website !
One of our regular visitors is going to look into the feasibilty of remanufacturing the M.G. Z Magnette Tool roll. Selling price may be £20-£25 (without tools, of course) but this is subject to confirmation depending upon if anyone is interested. If you are interested, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Whilethe season has ended in Europe, it should start in the southern hemisphere. So you people out there, where are your reports?
For those who couldn't manage to get the classic & sports car article in October, we have it here as a pdf-file:
"Grace but no heirs" (1MB)
Thanks to Paul Barrow for making this file.
If you do not have AcrobatReader yet, you can downlad for free here:

What else? My cry hor help for more pictures died away in the web's nirvana. The register would really like to have more input from you!  

Use the cold autumn's evenings to get your car greased!!

Here is a short reportwith some pictures of the Y-type & Z-Magnette tour to Luxembourg and the 4th German Z-Magnette-day. 
I also promised another special Magnette. Here it is:  It's No. 28 from the production line! One of the oldest known Magnettes. And it is for sale... Click here to see some pictures 

A lot of news now. First we have to announce, that there are some nice articles on Magnettes in several magazines. September's issue of "The Automobile" has a three pages report on Magnettes. 
In October's issue of "Classic & Sportscar" is a article that is very well written and very favourable towards the car. So hurry to get your copy..
But that's not all. I received an interesting articel on Magnette models from Paul Barrow that you can find here.   
Nothing for you? Well if you are not only interested in Concours cars and like conversions look at this Hot Rod Magnette. I've often seen the letters H.R.M in the UK, now I know what they mean ;-). 
P.S. I'm running out of good pictures for our "Monthly Picture". So help! 
Well for the next time I can announce another special Magnette. No conversion, no racer but was built for a motorshow. Watch this space....
Bye and enjoy the site.


During the last few days I have found some interesting links, so I have updatd again. Look at "Other links" at the bottom to see  what has been added. 
A few weeks ago I wrote about our Historian Warren Marsh and our Registrar David Johnson, who both took part in a rally through East-Europe and Scandinavia. Follow this link to the organiser's homepage with some nice videos and pictures (unfortunalety only in Dutch), or click here to see the "Magnette team".

The summer (or what it is called) in Europe is passing now and the last Magnette event in the UK is already over. Lou and John Shorten managed to get 53 (!!) Magnettes to their event in Norwich. It's nearly imposssible to get so many cars on a picture, but our new chairman, Roy Smalldridge, took a picture to give you an impression of this big event. 
Well the feedback from YOU , our visitors, is very very low. Maybe nobody visits this site? Or everybody is bored? Or just happy to surf on? Anyway, the Register makes this site for you, so we would like to know what you think about it and what you like to see in the future. Feel free to send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and/or scripe our guestbook. Thanks! 
For the next time I have a really special Magnette for you. So watch this space...


Not too many news for now. I managed to get the dia show of my Scandinavia tour ready for you.  This is more or less an experiment for further shows. Tell me what you think about it! Also tell me what you like to see, what you miss or just what you don't like
Scandinavia tour 2000:
The Varitone was packed with two children, two adults and all the camping equipment four people need during a 14 day trip in a cold climate! The journey took us from Germany to Denmark, further north to Bergen in Norway. Then we crossed Norway eastwards, visited the MGA & Magnette representative, before we headed home via Sweden and again Denmark. The beginning and end of the tour was marked with M.G. events and in between a lot of driving in beautiful scenerie. 
The whole journey was about 2,500 miles during 14 days. The Magnette did all without problems. I only had to tighten the fanbelt once. And later at home the brake master cylinder needed new rubber bushes, because it didn't held the pressure.
Why I write this? Just to encourage you to use your cars whenever possible. 
Remember:You can do it in an M.G.! 

Magnettic MotorinG

Another event has gone by now! Many of you missed the annual event at Old Warden. We were lucky to have flying conditions on the saturday evening and see a Spitfire and a Hurricane flying beside, amoung a lot of Vintage Doubledeckers. I would have preferred to see a Messerschmitt, but after seeing the Spitfire I understand, that not many survived the airfights.
Anyway. It was a cold and wet week. But the stay with the Shorten's was worth getting cold in the tent! John found some of his spare time to show me how he builds repair panels. Really impressing.
I plan to progam a little photo show for you. But as this site is run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts it will take some time. So have a look from time to time. Normally we have every 14 days something  new. 
This time I'm happy to announce the completion of our Regala-site with brand new register regalia!
I also added some new "Other links" and a new "tip".
Bye for now

The season is in full swing now with a lot of M.G. events to choose. I hope you all have your Magnettes on the road now and enjoy driving in the new airsmoothed style. My family and I returned after a 2,500 miles through Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which we all enjoyed. The Magnette ran without problems and seemed to enjoy the lonely roads in Norway.
But this seems to be nothing against Warren Marsh's trip. He did nearly 5,000 miles in his ZA on a rally through Poland, some of the new states formerly belonging to Russia, and Sweden! Anybody out there, who can beat this?

I added a report of a Ford Sierra 5 speed gearbox conversion at "Hints & Tips". All other things still have to wait, as my diary announces the European Event in the Netherlands on 8./9. July. From there I will travel directly to England, "waste" one week in beautiful landscape with long and winding roads, just to arrive at the Register's Summer event in Biggleswade just in time.

For those who have already registered their Magnettes online - a big thank you. All cars were unknown on our file. Please also register your Magnettes, which are scrapped or you want to sell. Let's find out, how many survived!
Magnettic MotorinG

Just two days before I'm gonna leave for the MGCC Germany's Whitsunday event, I managed to get my car ready after a half years rebuilt. It all started with the idea to do some necessary welding and replace some rubbers and ended in a nearly total restoration.
Anyway. I just want to tell you, that there will be no update during the next 14 days (except the classifieds), as I will drive via Norway, Sweden and Denmark to the next MG event, which  is held on the island Als in Denmark.
After this we have some interesting reports for you: I received an interesting report on a Ford Sierra gearbox conversion and also a report of the season's opening at Magnettes & Steam is in preparation.
If you go to Silverstone, have a look at our stand and park your Magnette in the Register Parking Area!    
Magnettic MotorinG


The season has started now with the Register's first event "Magenettes and steam". Weather conditions were fairly wet as you could see at the Silverstone Grand Prix, but a dozen Magnettes ignored the weather and attended.
I received the information from Malcom Eades, that a conversion kit for Ford Sierra gearboxes is under development. Many MGA owners already converted their cars with this gearbox. These boxes are very small and 1st to 4th gear are nearly the same as the original , with the advantage of a 5th gear with a ratio of 0.82. The kit will include a cast aluminium bell-housing, clutch release mechanism, special prop shaft and all bolts & fasteners. Not included is the gearbox, which can be found easily and cheap at scrapyards. Futher informations will appear.  This conversion is surely a good thing for long distance runners.
Also new is our "tips & hints" section, which should become the buyers and restores First Aid in the future. If you have tips that could help others send them to me.

Welcome, Willkommen, G'day, Bonjour, Sawasdee,

although we care for old cars, the Z & Farina Magnette Register now uses new technlogies to inform and help Magnette owners on all continents.
Beside the fnished sites of history and books etc. we will inform you frequently about the Magnette sZene. The section "Regalia" is still under construction, but I think there's enough to surf around in the beginning.
Please use our classifieds at "market" if you want to sell or buy Magnette parts or cars.
At the moment there is not too much about the Farinas, but that will change in the future. At the moment I can only recommend the Farina website. You'll find a link at "Other Links".
We also plan to include a section with technical tips etc. More informations will arise over the year. But your webmaster has to get his own Varitone back on the road for this years events. Hopefully I meet o lot of you!
As this site is YOUR site, comments are very welcome. Write what you like, what you missed and what you don't like to see. Please use our guestbook for your comments or send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
For historical reasons we like to know about all Magnettes, whether they are owned by members or not, so anyone is welcome to send in their car details. You can do this on our "Register your MAGNETTE" . To prevent you of spamming, your dates will be coded!

Bye for now and enjoy our site.
Magnettic MotorinG
Günter Graskamp