19th February 2013

All event reports bach to the year 2000 are now accessible again. look inthe left navigation bar at "Events" and then "Event reports". looking forward to the next season with new reports and pictures...

18th February 2013

With some delay we show the pictures and report of another car show in La Paz, Mexico, where Luis Benito is waving the MG Magnette flag. Although the old reports back to 2009 are uploaded. The earlier years going back to 2000 will be back soon.

13th February 2013

Dear Magneteers!

In April 2000 our website magnette.org went alive. That's a long time ago and the internet has changed a lot since. Our website was technically oldfashioned for some years now, but like our Magnettes - it worked! Butit was time for a change and so I took "some free time" to build up a modern (even if it looks old-fashioned) new website. Many old reports and pictures are still missing, but these will be reloaded one by one, once this site is running.

So enjoy! There are some new features, like the forum and a much more user-friendly gallery. Try it and let me know, what could be done better...

Magnettic MotorinG