4th April 2018

There's a report on the first event of 2018, Magnettes & Steam, and an update on the MGOC Arundel picnic (15th April) to which Magnettes are invited - it will now be at nearby Amberley Museum due to adverse ground conditions

25th February 2018

There's been number of new entries added to the website gallery recently, bringing the total to nearly 1,100 (there are more in the Register offline database, but not all are still in existence) . Several of these registrations are from Australia, but there's almost certainly cars in other countries which aren't yet in the gallery - if you have one then please register your Magnette 

26th January 2018

The MG Car Club has acquired a 1/4 scale model of the Magnette with ZB modifications, almost certainly made by the factory as a styling prototype before production. This came up in an auction recently and fortunately was spotted in time to arrange a bid - more details and photos here

21st January 2018

Mike Willan is restoring a Magnette with original Manumatic transmission. He's still got a lot to do, but there's some details and photos of progress so far, which will be updated as Mike's project continues

Also a message from Mark Bacchus - UK Magnette owners may be concerned about the destruction of classic cars recently that have been traded in for new cars through manufacturer scrappage schemes. Please sign the petition on the Government website to prevent vehicles classed as Historic by DVLA from being scrapped in this way.

Lastly, the events page has been updated with information about Magnettes & Steam, which will be at the Cholsey and Wallingford railway on 31st March


13th January 2018

Thanks to Ian Sykes again, there are four more Magnette road test articles for your interest in the Magazine Reprints section - Autosport and Autocar (1954), The Motor (1955) and Autocar (1957)

20th December 2017

Seasons Greetings to all our readers. As 2018 is nearly here, make sure you've got the dates for next year's Magnette Register events on your calendar. The list isn't complete at present, so keep checking for updates 

There's a new article on the magazine reprints page, although actually from 1998. It was spotted by Ian Sykes in his archive, and interestingly features Colin Goldsworthy, but with a different Magnette from the one that he currently owns.  

19th November 2017

David Halliday and Anthony White attended a Magnette/MGA tune-up seminar by John Twist, and David's ZB (formerly owned by Jan Pearce) was used for the live demonstration. There's a short report and photos