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ZA owned by Darshan Sanghvi in Kolkata

I'm the 3rd Owner of the MG. She was Imported into India and was under the ownership of Mr. Mill who was working for Union Carbide . When he decided to leave for UK in 1968 the MG went to Mrs. Misra's father until we got her home in 2018.

The Magnette was a daily runner and could be seen everywhere in Kolkata , she was a regular participant at "The Statesman Vintage and Classic Car Rally " which is the oldest event in Kolkata for these beauties.

The MG used to get regular maintenance and serving . Over the years as and how the parts started getting difficult to be found improvisation and practicality took over the MG.

From 2018 to 2021 I drove her with her periodic servicing and maintenance, but there was always a feeling that she felt tired and yearned for a complete makeover.

In June of 2022 I decided to give her a complete restoration. A detailed study was done with the help of a dear Friend Prithvi Nath Tagore and we started Importing the parts from the UK.

The windshield of the MG had been changed to that of an Indian car (Fiat Padmini) an Orignal windshield had to be Imported from the UK so that we could get her back to her orignal shape.

Along with the windshield, the Chrome pieces, Signature Hockey Sticks trims, brake cylinders, rubbers for the engine, doors, windows, front and back windshields and many more smaller parts, nuts and bolts.

All the fenders, doors, hood and boot were removed, the car was literally a shell. Each and every part was scraped to bare metal and then repainted meticulously. The entire electrical wiring and circuitry was also imported from UK. The engine got an overhaul and the twin SU carbs got new Jets. She took 8 months to get all ready, now she feels refreshed and is on the road every other weekend.

After the complete restoration she has got many accolades from various shows in Kolkata and elsewhere in India. Me and my family feel very proud of her.

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