28th June 2007

Just a picture of Jose de Sousa and me with our Magnettes in Koblenz/Germany. Just two days to paris and finish. Jose will thn drive the ast 1,500 km back home. Still on three cylinders. More later. Will be off for the Magnette Day.
Can anybody please send impressions from Silverstone?

26th June 2007

Latest news from the Peking-Paris rally. I will be off tomorrow to see the Magnette and crew...

22nd June 2007

Part II of Paris - Peking report. Don't miss it!

19th June 2007

You enjoyed the Paris Peking report? Ok, here it goes on with more fantastic pictures and Jose de Sousa's magnettc adventure...  (Part II will follow soon)

14th June 2007

A great update with fantastic photos from Jose de Sousa's Beijing - Paris adventure...

4th June 2007

Although not such an intrepid journey as Jose's Peking-Paris trip, I thought it was worth recording that four Magnettes braved the weather to support the Dorset Midget+Sprite club event at Kingston Lacy on 27 May 2007, on one of the wettest ever holiday weekends even by British standards. Read Stephen Tickell's report...

3rd June 2007

As promised I edited the pictures of the V8 Magnette, seen last weekend in Speyer on the European Event of the Year. It's Andrew de Bernes' Magnette #9600

1st June 2007

New month - new Pic of the Month!
Also Bryan Reading from Bucks designed this cartoon. Seems he still doesn't know that it's a sports-saloon ;-)
We also have our 3rd car from Sri Lanka on the gallery. Please welcome Gihan Salgado from Columbo and #17802
That's it for the moment. Some nice pics of the V8 Magnette to follow...

29th May 2007

Last sunday the big experience for Jose de Sousa started! You may have followed up his preparations for the Peking-Paris rally in his Magnette. The first information from Beijing already arrived:
Today we got our first experience of chinese requirements: we were given plastic car number plate and driving license, both valid for a week.. Read more...

Also last weekend the German MGCC held the European Event of the Year. With 400 M.G.s the event was a great success. Amoung them were 5 Magnettes (one was a V8!). Also some more Magnette owners were spotted in other M.G.s. report to follow.

17th May 2007

Some more cars for the gallery:
# 12728 seen on ebay
# 14357 formerly Register president's car
# 17218 of Pedro Mendes, Valencia in Spain
# 18701 seen on ebay and
# 30739 of Robert Hudd, UK
Welcome to you all!

13th May 2007

Australia saw three Magnettes in a Historic Car Sprint. Read David Dixon's report....

9th May 2007

My Magnette really has a magnettic attraction to woman. Again a woman driver tried to kick Maggy off the road, which resulted in a damaged rear wing...  Nevertheless she managed to bring my family and me to an special MG event. Read more...

1st May 2007

Yesterday the register's president and welknown Magnette parts supplier Lou Shorten celebrated her 80th birthday. The committee presented her an octagon cake as well as some other useful presents:

There is also another entry on the gallery: # 23660 of Dave Newland of Romford, Essex.
And of course a new picture of the month, which also is a new entry to the gallery and for the second time a following number!

26th April 2007

There was another M.G. gathering nr. Norwich last weekend, where some Magnettes attended....

20th April 2007

I linked the wrong pictures with the last update. So please check again  troubles before shipping...

18th April 2007

Jose de Sousa's magnette is now on it's way to Beijing. Read his last minute troubles before shipping...

14th April 2007

Did you survive Friday the 13th? I brought my Magnette to a garage to replace my frontscreen that still lacked from a flying stone on my journay across France last year. I hope it wasn't a bad day to do this. The next rain will show, but luckily the weather is totally untypical at the moment with temperatures up to 28 degrees.
Jose de Sousa sent some more pictures of the Steam event. Intersting to see how different people look through their camera and take shots....

12th April 2007

Some more pictures and full report of Magnettes & Steam event by Stephen Tickell, UK

10th April 2007

Eddy Lepez from begium sent first impressions from last weekends Magnettes & Steam event...

6th April 2007

The Peking-Paris prepared Magnette is now fnished and started it's way to the docks for shipping. See more detailed pictures of the interior and read what happened during the firdst testdrives...

4th April 2007

Last weekend I found an italian advert for la macchina ZA...

1st April 2007

After a long time we can welome another entry on the gallery:
#21789 and Andrew Chambers, UK
and of course a new picture of the month,
but no April fools this year ;-) !!

24th March 2007

Stephen Tickell sent a nice report about his maniflow exhaust system with MGA manifold.
I also recognized that E. Lepez has a nice video on his website.

21st March 2007

The Magnette for the Peking-Paris Rally touched the road for testing....
It seems my idea of an international birthday card for Magnette supplier Lou Shorten wasn't good. I only received two or three greetings, so it makes no sence to start making a small bookllet.

8th March 2007

As every year we start the new season with a full report of the anual concours of the MGCC Victoria  in Australia...

3rd March 2007

I was so busy during the last days I didn't recognized we have a new month and a few might wait for another update. But at least I recognized today. There's not much to report. Your input is a bit low at the moment! Even my request for sending some birthday greetings for Lou Shorten  (see news of 24th)  to me ended in 1 (one) incoming email! So what's going on in the Magnette world? Where are you all?
Updates for now are a new Pic of the Month and a report about horn ring repairs (pdf) from Laurie Scott in Australia. If you like old car brochures have a look at www.car-brochures.nl, a link that Eddy Lepez in Belgium brought to light.

24th February 2007

Jose de Sousa brought some light into the interesting link from 19th February. "The warehouse exists (forget about the barn find story...) and I understand the owner owns a classic car garage in
Ok, so it's not the barnfind we all dram off. But nice pictues at least...
Concerning Jose: Last Sunday he went to England for a training session on GPS handling and orientation (waypoints, routes, etc.). It was a 60 mile practice run, with circa 45 participants, some of them driving their P2P cars (I drove a rented Toyota Prius though…).
I thought you would like to see some of the cars present…

Steve Hanegan from Washington has updated his information on # 35361 with some nice.
Somehing different: MG supplier Lou Shorten will be celebrating her birthday in a few weeks. Beeing a gentleman I don't talk about the age of a lady. But I thought we (the internet community) should send her a birthday card. My idea is that you send me your greetings to her as a word file, including your name, location and chassis number. If possible include a picture of your car. I will put all your greetings together, print it out and hand it over. I hope you like the idea and many of you participate. Many thanks!

22nd February 2007

# 1033 an early '54 model seen on ebay
#18243 John W. Barker, UK

19th February 2007

Simon Fisher from Ontario, Canada sent me this interesting link. At least there's one Magnette... 

16th February 2007

Thwe 450th Magnette on our gallery belongs to Tom Noonan from Australia and is one of the rarer straight ZBs  # 27372 . The next example is in a more bad state: # 8078

14th February 2007

Roger Parker  of the MG Owners' Club informed me, that he received the following information from another enthusiast:

I have come across an MG Magnette which has been stored away for a number of years, and somebody in your club may be interested in trying to buy it. It is in a garage outside Barrow in Furness,Cumbria, I first saw it in 2000, but have not walked that way again until last week, and surprised to see it is still there but the garage is gradually deteriorating. I am not and expert but I would say it is a ZA or ZB around 1960 - it has the registration 792 HTF (it's a Varitone - registrar). If you have member(s) in this area who might be interested ask them to get in touch, it looks like a complete car, one of those that was put away one day and has just sat there.  I don't know who owns it, some detective work would be required as the garage is in the open countryside, or even if the owner is prepared to sell. Worth a try though for a real enthusiast.
If you are interested send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to John West.

Some more news on the Paris-Peking project...


10th February 2007

Hi Magnette world. Here am I back again. Hope yo've been missing the egulary updates on his site. As there's much to do after a month absence I will start slowly with updates. But I hope to bring a few things over the week.
First there are more information about this years Magnette Day. Also there is a new Picture of the month.

9th January 2007

After 6 months I managed to finish my report about the journey across France. Hope you like the selection of pictures.
By the way: this is the last update for the next four weeks. Will be hiking along the Ho Chi Minh trial and other scenerie in Laos....

8th January 2007

Malcolm Robertson from Australia wrote another episode about Living with Allison...

6th January 2007

Still more and more Magnettes appear and our gallery is stll growing. 449 Magnettes from 25 countries now! Here are the latest additions:
# 2214 a remeining chassis
# 9593 a nice ZA of David and Marion Blaxall, from Australia
# 17078 on ebay in Australia and
# 28106 on ebay in the USA

1st January 2007

Welcome to 2007!  No time for the webmaster to relax (not yet)...
So here we go with the Picture of the Month, and two new pictues on the wedding gallery...
You may also check the updates on Ray Green's V8 conversion.  Also the events diary has been updated...

We start the new months with some pictures. Of course a new Picture of the Month and then we have several Magnettic pictures of the Goodwood Festival of Speed..

27th Dezember 2006

Here is the last update for 2006 with news on the Peking-Paris preparations... and a link to Magnettes in movies.
Thank you all for input, pictures, reports and nice comments! Even if I may forget some names I want to thank Malcolm Robertson and Loz Scott, both from Australia, who provided me with many reports,  José Romão de Sousa from Portugal, who finds some time to send some pictures about his rally project, Rutger Booy from the Netherlands, who finds more and more interesting postcards (not shown yet) and Paul Barrow from the USA, who always keeps an eye on Magnette sales on ebay for me (except if he wants to buy himself). Well, and finally YOU, who visits this site regulary and makes all the work worthwile! Many thanks to you all and a

Happy New Year!

24th Dezember 2006

The Magnette Register wishes you all a
Merry Christmas

Next update next week...

17th Dezember 2006

Well, the year is comming to an end in large steps. Although this time of the year is everything else than calm and reflective I've prepared an international batch of updates for the gallery:

# 4981 of Andrew Bailey from Australia,
# 17261 of Peter Kocher-Schnyder from Switzerland,
# 25599 of John Hastie from Australia,
# 33878 of Arch Boston from USA,
# 34075 of Eric & Gina Nelson from USA,
# 34865 of Bev Croft from England
A warm welcome to you all and enjoy Magnette ownership and this site as well.

11th Dezember 2006

I hope you enjoyed the advent calendar so far? I haven't received any comments so far, so I'm not sure if you like or don't . Please let me know.
Today we update the preparations of José Romão de Sousa from Portugal.

1st Dezember 2006

Dezember? Where is the time running? It's like yesterday that we had some fantastic events under the summer sun.
Ok, the alendar forces me to switch over to the "christmas edition" with our M.G. advent calendar. I hope you like it again with many new and different pictures every day.
Also another picture of the month, snowy as well....

27th November 2006

Here's another reprint, kindly supported by Paul Barrow...

19th November 2006

Some weeks ago several Australian Magnette owners set out for a pleasure weekened. Loz Scott reports....

12th November 2006

The first dates for your diary 2007 are released...
Italian Prince Borghese and his Itala, his rival Dutchman and three other cars set out in 1907 on the first-ever trans-continental marathon, driving the greatest distance between two capital cities. 100 years later several historic cars celebrate this by driving the authentic route from Peking to Paris! Amoung the more than 100 teams is at least one Magnette. Read more....
Still haven't received any pictures for the advent calendar! Please see your archives or do some snapshots now. I accept every picture not only Magnette-related. Can be funny pics, snowy pics, any car pics or or or.

9th November 2006

I found another advert. This time from Sweden!

3rd November 2006

Urgent information for German TV viewers:
Sunday 05th a new episode of "Tatort" (Liebe am Nachmittag). It's playing in an classic car garage and you may recognize at least one MG....

(picture copyrighted to ARD-Foto)

For all others: I need pictures related to snow and/or christmas or just funny for our advent calendar!!

1st November 2006

29th October 2006

Loz Scott wrote an article about Upper cylinder lubrication

22nd October 2006

As promised here's another update with some entries to the gallery:
# 2592 of Jose de Sousa from Portugal,
# 19486 the restoration project of Hiram Kelly from Oklahoma, USA,
# 24490 was on ebay in Australia,
# 32571 of Malcom Wells, England

Classic Car owners in general are quite old, Magnette owners in particular are very old (except for some mid-aged owners). So wat happens in some years when we change the Magnette wheel against a wheel chair? Arch Boston does not want to see his car rotting away so he carefully attracts his grandson to the airsmoothed lines of the Magnette. And looking at the picture it seems to work!
"The flags on the car are official embassy flags (my son who is a lobbyist in D.C., got them for me from an "approved" source). "



17th October 2006

Hi, I had some trouble with my PC and wth my health. Both faults haven't been cured yet. So here's just a very short update. Hope to bring more soon:
Another advert added.

03rd October 2006

Kevin Hoare of zeroexhausts (www.zeroexhausts.co.uk) is looking for a LHD Magnette to use as a jig. He is going to make an exhaust manifold and system for some Magnette owners in the USA. If you can lend your lhd car he is prepared to give the owner of such a vehicle a manifold and system for lending their car! Please contact him directly at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: 01233 638193

This month's update has a new picture of the month, of course and a few more Magnettes on the ever growing gallery:
Göran Johnson had a look htrough the old Swedish archive and found some nice old pictures:
# 4538 , # 14373, #29800, #30926
also from Australia we welcome Jo Reed and # 27929 and from South Africa Kevin Loader and # 21294


24th September 2006

Magnettes make excellent touring MGs and to prove it nine cars converged on Corowa, on the mighty Murray River in Southern NSW, Australia, for the first National Magnette weekend. Malcolm Robertson reports…




17th September 2006

Last year the MGA celebrated is Golden Jubilee. Amoung many events was a tour in South Africa. Why I write this here? Well, amoung many MGAs was at least one Magnette that did the tour. Kevin Loader sent some fantastic pictures...

13th September 2006

Peter Martin sent a report and pictures of the Norwich event two weeks ago...

10th September 2006

Another advert from 1958 added.
And some more cars on the gallerie:
# 666 another early Magnette
# 7472 from ebay
# 27929 of Jo Reed, Australia
# 33768 of Clive Webb, UK.
Isn't it interesting that in between two weeks two early Magnettes appear on ebay? The prices were low (about 300 GBP) but hopefully they will be rescued.

1st September 2006

You may wonder why we had not many updates during the last weeks. But my Magnette suffered from my journey across France. The latest fault was that she first missed the MOT, because the right rear brake wasn't working. Well, no problem I thought, must be the brake cylinder. So I quickly dismantled it, cleaned and reassembled. The following bleeding was a surprise. No brake fluid was comming! Closer inspection showed that the brake pipe along the rear axle was squeezed from the exhaust pipe! Well this happens when you have your car fully loaded and the rear springs are 50 years old...
But enough fairy-tales - or blogs as it would be called nowadays. You want Magnette stuff. So here we go:
A new picture of the month. The greenest we ever had ;-)
and some more interesting entries on the gallerie:
# 22704 owned by John Gunnell, it's the 100th US-Magnette and the second time we have a successive chassis number.Also # 1898 which was on ebay recently. And finally #9320. I'm sure it's the strongest Magnette we ever featured!

28th August 2006

K&R now have images of the built MG ZA Magnette from both the Monte Carlo & RAC Rallies on their website...

19th August 2006

Ebay really brings interesting stuff to light. Recently there  was an early non-quarterlight Magnette # 571 on auction! Bad condition but for historical reasons worth to be saved!
If you're not going to Lou Shortens event in September you might like to see the Goodwood Revival. This year  Magnette # 33212 is piloted by Bruce Chapman, grandson of Nancy Mitchell, the famous lady rally driver (in a Magnette) of the 1950s! More info about Goodwood here... I hope to show more pictures and a report later.



15th August 2006

There's a new nice old advert from 1956 inviting US
 residents to buy their British car in the US and pick it up for a holiday in Europe. A nice  idea of the advertising agency. I wonder if anyone did the trip..

12th August 2006

Four new entries on the gallerie:
# 6960 Bruce Bramhill, from  Australia,
#20927 Philip Jowett; UK.
A warm welcome to you both!
And two other cars without owner (yet):
# 30574 seen on ebay and
# 22705 that was mentioned in the notes of 24th but might be scrapped by now .-(

6th August 2006

I happily can pronounce that another country is Magnettified. This time it's Mexiko. Please welcome Luis Benito from Mexiko with his two cars: # 12441 and # 34739.

And you may have seen the new picture on the homepage. Eddy Lepez (B) banned Roger Webb in the Cambridge area on his camera while giving his car a underfloor washing...

1st August 2006

Here's another event report. This time from the Sledmere weekend.
And of course a new Picture of the month.

27th  July 2006

The Magnette mentioned in the news on 24th probably will go to scrapyard very soon. Noone to rescue her or take as a parts car?
Pictures of restored cars can be seen in the report of the "Event of the year" in France...

24th  July 2006

I received the following mail, which might of interest for someone looking for a parts car:
"I do not know what model the MG Magnette is but I am looking for somebody local to the Worcestershire area who would be interested in a rather tatty Magnette which is about to be scrapped and we do not want that to happen. It has been sitting in a coach house for many years and then the coach house fell on it so the roof is dented but the rest of the car is in a sad state too. My brother, who lives Canada, has asked me to get rid of it. The people who have bought the coachhouse want it out of the way as of yesterday. Is anyone interested.
We do not want to scrap it or leave it to the current owners of the coachhouse to dispose it or smash it up. Maxine Shields, email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

20th  July 2006

The season is in full swing. I have problems to show you all the reports and pictures that fullfill my mailbox. Here are some pictures of MG 2006 in Northern Ameria...

16th  July 2006

Here's another report. This time about the Magnette Day in Germany, that took place on the last weekend in June...

Note: Magnette owners who have had brake shoes from Lou are asked to please return the old units,as there now is no more shoes in stock, if anybody has any spare shoes could they let Lou have them.
Now the GOOD news is that the much wanted and waited for RED furflex that goes around the doors is back in stock
contct Lou on +44(0)1603 872436

9th  July 2006

Here am I back again from a 1,600 miles trip across France. Apart from a blown headgasket, which I could replace the same afternoon,  the Magnette ran fine. Unfortunalety a stone hit my windscreen on the last day, so there's another thing to repair. A full report and some nice pictures of two Magnettes on tour in France will follow. But let's start in the right order. First there are some Silverstone pictures and a new Picture of the Month.
More reports of Magnette Day and European Event of the Year to follow soon.


22nd June 2006

Puuu. That was a busy week! Last Friday I thought I should have a look at the Magnette before she has to take me to France. The normal attendance quickly became a complete replace of brake cylinders and brake pads. Well that's still normal attendance and I got not worried when my supplier had a delay until wednesday. But when I recognized wednesday late night that the flexible brake hoses were worn too. I became a bit worried. Luckily I still had MGA hoses in my garage (yes they are too short, but what could I do?). But next worrying. I turned out that there was a different thread. Closer inspection on thursday showed that the thread seemed to be the same but maybe the brass thread was jolted. Some recut seemed to help (so far).
I really feared my Magnette could miss the 10th Magnette day. Oh this reminds me I have to finish the rally plates, prices.... Bye now for the next two weeks.

But I don't want to hold back a special wedding picture...

19th June 2006

Next weekend we'll see two events where Magnetteers can meet. On the Continent we have the 10th Magnette Day and in England we have the 56th Silverstone!
Please visit the AGM on sunday if you are there! The committee needs your feedback and some votes for elections as well. This year you have to vote a new chairman for the register as David Johnson will step down after many years on the committee. "Many thanks David for all the hard work you did as Safety Fast!  scribe and later as chairman."

Also some new entries on the gallery::

#19185 ebay
#19608 the car we featured on 15th May
#25779 Richard Schaeffer bought it from ebay
#26360 David Overington, Australia
#34177 Richard McKie who is looking for his old love

15th June 2006

Another advertising as been added.
Also Carsten Wivel from Denmark shows another solution for a replacement of the temp gauge...

10th June 2006

K & R Replicas now have both the RAC and Monte Carlo works team cars available for the ZA Magnette. On their website is a kit photographed along with decals. There will be further versions to follow.

Also pictures and report of the Magnette gathering at Kingston Lacy are available now...

3rd June 2006

Again I'm a bit late with the monthly update, but I just returned from Cambodia - no Magnettes there.
This month will be a busy month. Hopefully many of you will visit the Silverstone event, while a dozen will attend at the Magnette Day in Germany. Really a pity both dates clash.
Anyway. here's the new pic of the month.
Those who have their Magnette under restoration or just need a repaint ay be happy to find AKZO NOBEL paint formulas here...
Brian Pollard from Spain sent me a link which lists Magnettes in movies. Look here...

15th Mai 2006

Well yesterday I said the last update for the month and this evening Roger Martin of the MGA-Register sent me some pictures of the regency Run which took place today. To be up to date here they are (can't be quicker!). If you recognize your car please contact me.




14th Mai 2006

Two new Magnettes from Australia on the gallerie:
# 7116 of David Dixon with wire wheels and good looking and # 24560 which had seen better days...
I also started to add the police cars to the gallery as far as we know the chassis no. Maybe your car was built alongside a Magnette that later became a police patrol car?
Loz Scott wrote an article about choices of temp sender units. This is one of the few original parts that were not available for some years and many articles have been written about replacements. But I noticed that Lou Shorten lists them in her latest price list  (price on application).
(Another article with another solution will come soon)
And as there will be no update this month anymore (will be off cycling at Angkor Wat) you get another advertisement as well!

7th Mai 2006

I reproduced another article that appeared last year in the US-magazine Classic & Motorsports.
Also three new entries for the gallery:
#9606 George Berger, Australia
#27109 Des & Beth Lucas, Australia and
#34970 Tim Grover, GB
All of you a warm welcome to the Magnette world!

1st Mai 2006

Another month and still no summer in sight here in Germany, so its still more fun to sit in a warm room in front of a computer instead of in a cold garage, although I had wanted to convert my Magnette to disc brakes before we start for the season...
Well, what can you expect from this update:
Firstly another picture of the month ,of course.
Then you might have read on the board about John Barringer's visit to Down Under. The Aussies made him a nice welcome. Read on...

27th April 2006

There are new price lists of John & Lou Shorten on the supplier page.
And again Rutger Booy has sent an advert which most of us surely haven't seen before. It was published by Molenaar (the Dutch importer) in the magazine De Auto on March 3 1955 and the Magnette looks quite different...
More stuff to come over the weekend...

23rd April 2006

Our beloved Magnettes seem to attract the movie industrie at the moment: some weeks ago Armand Joseph's Varitone  from Luxembourg took part in a film movie with other classic cars and this week my Magnette is on the set for a German crime movie along with a Daimler 250, AH 3000, TR 3, a Rolls and some other classics. I wonder whether my car will be seen in the film.
Anyone out there who rented his Magnette for the movie industrie as well? Let us know.
Finally I received some pictures of Magnettes & Steam the season opener in England. If anyone has more pics please be so kind and send them to me to share with others!

18th April 2006

Are you watchin' the auctions on ebay? Sometimes funny things appear or funny things happen. Recently there was a steering wheel boss which was painted non-original and went for the same sum you can get an original one! Now you can get a bonnet (used) for 1,000 $ ! If that's not a bargin...
But here's something original and free, too: Loz from OZ wrote an article about shackle bushes.
and we have another old advert.

10th April 2006

Another advert has been added. This time it's an Swiss advert from 1957 from Rutger Boy's large collection (I've included a translation). The funny thing is that the advert says the Magnette has air condition! Those were the days when a flap to open and a heater system were something special...
Also added # 34437 as seen on ebay to the gallery...

4th April 2006

Lou Shorten has a new pricelist. Please notice that the following parts are now available on P.O.A (price on application) basis:
Wiper Motor, Dynamo (Positive Earth), Fuel Tank Sender Units, Temperature Senders, Fuel & Temperature Gauges and Interior Light    

 2nd April 2006

I wasn't sure whether the joke about closing the website would work - but it did! Thanks for the kind emails which generally said that the website needs to stay open and you were willing to pay for it. Yes it will!
It was an April's Fool....
But I keep it in mind. Perhaps that a new business idea? But stop joking. For the next 365 days I will be serious again. And let's start right now with a nice article from Australian Classic Car about Malcolm Robertson Magnette 'Alison'.

1st April 2006

Have you seen the new picture on the homepage? This Japanese car under a cherry tree might whet our appetite for another season which hopefully soon starts (sorry downunders, I know you just finished your season).
So what's up? Sure, there's a new picture of the month, and there's also a new tip from Loz in Oz about relettering your heater control (pdf). He also sent a picture of his Varitone for the gallery. It's # 27093 and our 409th entry!

Final call for entries for the Z Magnette Day! Two rooms are left now. After the weekend we have to cancel these rooms and no late bookings are possible. We are sorry. 

And finally: Longterm visitos know that April is this website's birthday. The 6th this year! This website has become a platform for Magnetteers all over the world and over the years we had nice reports, pictures and tech tips.
Unfortunalety increasing cost force us to either delete this site or charge visitors some money. We are talking about 15 $, or 10 GBP or 10 € per year with unlimited access and download.
If you wish to visit this site any longer please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for payment details. Tell your friends as well as if we not have enough payers this website will dim it's (Lucas) light...

28th March 2006

Another old advert added

26th March 2006

There were a lot of Magnettes on ebay recently. So here's another gallery update:
# 16815 on ebay
# 20595 the remains of this car on ebay
# 21844 manumatic car on ebay
# 27425 finally an "ordinary" owner. This car elongs to Ian Messner, Australia
# 34254 one of three magnettes owned by anonymous owner

18th March 2006

Time for another gallery-update. Did you recognize that we now have 403 Magnettes on the gallery? Amazing; isn't it? The new entries represent a good mixture all over the world again:

# 8660 was on ebay UK
# 23872 ebay Australia
# 24385 belongs to Keith Holdworth from Canada and
# 26941 ebay USA
# 31723 is Mr. Itoh Tsuneo's joy in Tokyo (pictures kindly brought from Tokio by David Hague, member of the Y-type register)

12th March 2006

Just a few hours after I complained about the missing report from Melbourne I had the pictures in my mailbox. Anyhow they got lost in the internet on the way from Australia to Europe before. But now here it is: Loz' report from the Melbourne Concours Show 2006.

9th March 2006

You are very sparingly with reports and pictures! Although I hear of a show in Melbourne. Where is the story?
Well, to keep the site up I grubbed a bit on my computer and found this prepared article I forgot to upload a year ago! It's more about Willy Cave and was published in Safety Fast a while ago.

5th March 2006

A new old advert has been added.

1st March 2006

If you liked the story I reproduced on 19th February, here's the continuation: EnjoyingMG 09/1986. If you not liked you can only enjoy the Pic of the Month.
And for those who still don't know whether they should attend the Z-Magnette.Day or not: you only have four weeks to fill in the entry form! Help the organisers and make your entries now! Thanks.

26th February 2006

Press release:

 I've had a call from a guy in Gosport, Hants who's 1956 Magnette ZA has been in a lockup, unused for 20 years. It is complete, non runner, orig reg and V5. He has to vacate garage by end February and if no takers it will go for scrap! He wants nothing for it. Anyone interested contact Andrew Dunn, 02392 584367 , Lets find a home for it
David Marklew
Secretary, Winchester MG Owners Club

19th February 2006

I reproduced an article from Enjoying MG from 1985. I wonder whether TBM 895 is still around?
And a new entry on the gallery: # 16493  

13th February 2006

Quite a long time there has been no update. The reason is quite simple: I have nothing to report! Except the following:
Paul Barrow has found an additional four tool rolls for Z Magnettes.  These will be sold on a first come, first served basis £40 plus shipping.  If you're intersted please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. him.
Can please the person who sent me the picture of # 27740 contact me again? I lost the email and would like to contact you again.
At http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/mgzblife you can see some pictures of a Magnette in Japan. Unfortunalety not best quality.
If you want me to update more often, you have to send me some stuff...

2nd February 2006

Hello I'm back again. Just suffering from jetlag but I know you're waiting for news: So please see the new Picture of the Month and a gallery update:
10191 was on ebay,
27740 for sale in New Zealand
29150 found on the web somewhere,
30622 a French ZB and
35947 this is the Pic of the Month car

15th January 2006

The vísitors of Magnette.org are very clever indeed. Rutger Booy has more news on the Picture of the Month:
I just saw the monthly picture on the Magnette website and wondered where I had seen it before :-) Check the montly picture of august 2002. It's the same car.
Well, this is the last update for this month. I doing  some research about # 33134.  ;-) See you at the beginning of February.
Ok, some of you will need  something to do for the next two weeks. So here is another reprint, which I forgot to upload a year ago. My intention was to show it exactly 50 years later, well now it's nearly 51 years...

9th January 2006

Brian Woolmer from Australia reports about MG Magnettes at Speed on Tweed...

Therewhile Paul Barrow comments: "Nice comparison on the pictures of the month. You mention the number plates are different, but actually one is also a ZA and the other a ZB which accounts nicely for the growth of the plants too."
Actually the visitors of this website look very carefully!

And finally there is progress on the V8 Magnette in New Zealand... (external link)

1st January 2006

Welcome in 2006! I hope you had a good start.
We'll start the new year with a new Picture of the Month and part VI of the Alison-saga.
Also added are information on the Magnette Day in Germany on the last weekend in June.


27th December 2005

Here we are with the last update 2005.  hope you enjoyed the advent calendar over the last 24 days and the website over the last 365 days! Let's end with another batch for the gallery. Only for the second time we have with 11831 a following number! But therefore the 150th  ZA (out of 392 total).  So we nearly managed the 400 mark. I'm sure we'll do next year! So here we are:
# 10873 AUS from ebay
# 11831 AUS from ebay
# 20354 GB unknown source
# 24511 GB from ebay and
# 36374 USA, belonging to Jim Arps, Texas.

21th December

Hello Magneteers all over the world. Another year is nearly finished and we are looking forward to another airsmoothed year. I would like to thanks all those who helped to keep this website up to date and of course all visitors who make it worth to do all the work! Thanks!

  Z & Farina Magnette Register
  wishs you all a peaceful 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Don't think that's all. I still have some articles to come. Let's start with this:
Wray Lemke, USA wrote: "I serviced the wiper motor on my MGA but since it is the same as the Magnette, I thought I'd share the little article." Read on...

18th December 2005

# 18158 is a new enty on the gallery. It's one of those rare "hybrids". These were ZA's that had some or all ZB features. Some enthusiast say that these are the best Magnettes at all: they have the original Palmer-design and the better ZB performance! This surely is a point to discuss:    

Which is the best Magnette model for you?
Hybrid ZA
ZB Varitone
Free polls from Pollhost.com

14th December 2005

Just 10 days until christmas and you still need a present for yourself? Here are two tips to solve the problem:
1. Buy one (or more) of our Register t-shirts or sweat-shirts. The price is sensational. Not only have you something new to wear but you also support the register. Remember that this is the only way we can make some money (to be honest we don't do with these prices now!)...
If that's nothing at all for you we have tip 2: A few months ago we announced that K & R modes will produce a ZA before christmas. This is available now! Have a look and read an interesting article behind the (normally closed) doors...

8th December 2005

Mike Hearn made an interesting conversion using MGB disc brakes. As MGA hubs become rarer and rarer this is an interesting but not easy task. Read the article...

2nd December 2005

Here's the Picture of the Month
More interesting stuff to come the next days...

1st December 2005

Sorry, the update only contains the advent-calendar so far. The pic of the month will follow.

24th November 2005

Some interesting tech tips arrived in my mailbox recently:
Today we publish John Russell's tip. This mod to the ZB type Air Filter converts the unit from oil bath to a full flow filter element. Choice of a suitable element is  up to the owner. I have used a K&N element after researching suppliers  for the exact size to fit the existing unit with the minimum of work. Read the article...

And some more cars for the gallery:
# 16328 found on ebay Switzerland
# 26346 of Neal Sellars, USA
# 30409 of Ken Kittleson, USA
# 35069 ebay UK

And I'm still looking for snow-related or just funny pictures for the Magnette-Advent-calendar. If you have something you think that might fit, please send to me. It's does not absolutely be MG nor Magnette! 

20th November 2005

For a long time I didn't update the gallery. The reason is that this is a lot of work as I'm also the registrar of the register and have to recheck details and keep the database up to date.  But nevertheless now here's a batch of new cars on the gallery:
# 2948 of George Hunt, UK
# 7652 of John Russell, Australia
# 9582 of Richard Best, Australia
# 16416 from ebay
# 23317 of Brian Emeney, UK
# 25257 found on the net
# 25330 found somewhere
# 33483 of Clive Seamark, UK
A warm welcome for the new owners!

And have you already ordered your register regalia! The prices are stunning!!!

15th November 2005

The wedding gallery has been updated and the proposed Silverstone date is on the events calendar.
Attention: I'm looking for snow-related or just funny pictures for the Magnette-Advent-calendar. If you have something you think that might fit, please send to me.

9th November 2005

Mike Hearn sent this picture headlined "These M.G. are so reliable that the dealership closed down..."
It shows his 1958 Magnette ZB  which he took picture outside the closed dealership at Ixworth Norfolk. (click to enlarge).

1st November

Although we have a very lovely (unusual)  warm autumn (Indian Summer you say on the other side) the date says the season has ended. Some cars will stay in the garage now and perhaps undergoing some modifications or just getting the service that had to be done long time ago. I myself hope to find some time to do the disc brake conversion and find the reason for the oil consumption...

But now let's start with the news:
Well a new month means a new Picture of the Month.

Then we had a nice report from Malcolm Robertson, who took his freshly restored car out to the Sydney Concours...

The season 2005 just ended and we alread have the dates for 2006! Make your diary now. There's no excuse next year not to come!

And the Magnette Register starts it's christmas specials sales right now. Perhaps a bit early you might think but surface mail is cheaper but  slower. This year we try to clear our stock on sweat-shirts and t-shirts. Prices have dropped even more! If you think you don't need one -  think again how you can relieve the Register... We don't make any profit anymore but need to clear our stock. So perhaps you like a sweater for colder days, or your small grandchildren wear the t-shirt as pyjama (or pajama as my online dictionary says for the U.S:). The prices are really unbeatable and the quality is also. Have a look...

24th October 2005

I didn't expect so many comments for the short competition. Sorry some missed it only by some numbers. The winners are:
Matthew French from Brisbane, Australia who hit the 100,000 and John Barringer from England with the 100,001. Congratulations to both of you, a small present will be despatched this week!

22nd October 2005

Have you seen the counter on the bottom of the enty page? We are close to the 100,000. Therefore I make a small competition:
Send a screenhot showing the counter with 99,999 or 100,000 or 100,001 and you'll get a small prize!
To make a screenshot simply hit button "print" and "paste" it into a word.doc and send this to me. Let's see...

18th October 2005

Magnette Man takes top job at MGCC!
Malcolm Eades was elected vice-chairman of the Club at the AGM on Saturday. Malcolm was treasurer of the Magnette register for over 25 years. His Magnette 'Yasmin' is currently on the entry page.
The AGM followed a Council meeting (which lasted 6 hours!) at which the redevelopment proposals for Kimber House were thrown out. Now we might get back to some sense!

16th October 2005

K&R now have the MG ZA Magnette ready. Photos, prices ordering info etc are all on their web site
Talking about models (no, not these, I mean car models). I found one on ebay I haven't heard about before. It's called minimarque and is added to the collectables page. 

Last time I was reporting about sad looking Magnettes. This time I have better news: Another place has been magnetticed. It's the
Dominican Republic. Please welcome Francisco Then Tobal from Sto. Domingo and his ZB # 23644..

13th October 2005

More and more cars appear on ebay. Unfortunalety many of them are in a very bad shape and need a lovely hand or will be scrapped forever. Here are two examples:
# 20737 from the USA and # 27021 from Australia.

9th October 2005

While our season is coming to an end people on the southern hemisphere start into the new season. Loz Scott, our correspondent from Australia, reports about the car display in Queenscliff nr. Melbourne.

And of course some new cars on the gallery:
#37061 belongs to Frank Burry, who found that the Magnette is a good everyday car beside the MGA.
# 19479 belongs to Chris Adams and
# 2680 is a very early car seen on ebay.

1st October

At Silverstone K&R Replicas announced a new Z Magnette model. These will be available in about 2 weeks time. If club members visit their website they will get a 5% discount on the shown prices for being MGCC members. They  will be starting on the artwork to produce a number of the rally ZA's in the very near future and hope to have them available for Xmas. I hope to show an article on the progress of developing a new model here on the website!
The Farins-styled Magnette MkIII and MkIV are already available.

What else? Well a new month means a new picture of the month.

And Malcolm Robertson made progress on his restoration of Alison...

28th September
At the moment it's very hard to keep up with cars appearing elsewhere. Here are two new entries:
And this time the new owner wears the correct clothing: See #8595 . Also new  #27128

22nd September

Ebay and no end: This time #862 a very early  car from spring 1954 when production finally started.  

20th September 2005

Another day, another Magnette:  #12974 from ebay again.

19th September 2005

Quite a few Magnettes are for sale on ebay during the last weeks. #8008 is another example that wasn't known o the register before.

18th September 2005

#8530 from ebay

15th September 2005

A new entry on the gallery from ebay: #22026.

I also wonder whether the Car  Club members have no own opinion on the proposals of the new Kimber House. Please let us know what you think of the proposals and how you feel the Club should proceed (see NEWS of 7th September).

11th September 2005

Recently Rutger Booy sent an old Magnette picture but had no information about the chassis no and it's whereabouts. A good chance to test the Dutch registrar Henk Kroese! Well, he stood the test. Seems we where right to present him the Ray Cain Trophy for his good work recently. And the result is the 350th (!)  Magnette on the gallery...

7th September 2005

Members of the MGCC should have heard about the plans for a new club office. On 15 October the MGCC’s Council will vote on the proposals to redevelop its existing headquarters building in Abingdon, Kimber House, and replace it with a new building on the site.

The decision will be made by a vote of the Council, which is made up of representatives from its centres, registers and branches (‘CRBs’). Each CRB has one vote, and at the meeting the Z & Farina Register’s vote will be cast by David Johnson, the chairman, and Paul Batho, the secretary.

We would like the Register’s vote to represent the views of its members and we have therefore set up a  thread on the MAGNETTE bulletin board as a place where you can express them. Please let us know what you think of the proposals and how you feel the Club should proceed. You may also send an email direct to me.
Go to the board...

4th September 2005

My system seems to running fine again and all the old stuff has been transfered on the new system. Everybody who did it before knows what I'm talking about. All others: beware!
But back to MG matters. Time to bring back some more life here. Let's start with another wedding picture...

1st September 2005

Again I can only offer a small update. One reason is that it's still a bit quite out there in Magnette world, the other (main) reason is that I have big trouble with my new computer and system and have to sort that out asap. So here we go with a new picture of the month and a link to the Z Magnette Group of North America. I enjoyed the old magazines there even if many of the stories have been printed here, too. But worth a look. 

21st August 2005

It's still a bit quite out there in Magnette world so I can't update more at the moment. In fact that's not too bad as I#m currently working on a new website for another register...
Anyway. There's always some stuff left like the report of Wayne Hardy on anti-roll bars (sway bars).

And #10310 is new to the gallery.

12th August 2005

Two new Magnettes on the gallery. Both from 1954:
#2725 seen on ebay and
#2956 the pride of Michael Devenish,UK

h August 2005

Trevor Jones  has seen the car mentioned below. It is actually very sound. The work done is not bad needs a small amount of fettling to make really good.

I also added a few more information and an entry form of the Norwich gathering in September.

7th August 2005

+++ STOP PRESS +++

Trevor Jones  has been offered a ZBV restored shell + bonnet + boot in primer (no doors). Anyone who may be interested ? At £75 it is a bargain anyone who has a rusty shell. I understand it is rolling has a V5C but is missing a few odd items. 
It will be scrapped soon if no one wants it! That would be a pity. Time is short. Trevor's number is 01458 252940


After a long time I have to update the gallery:
# 4776 belongs to Philipp Willcock
# 14566 and # 25006 are Swedish cars on ebay
# 34535 is of
Derek Pickering, Secretary, The Durham MG Club
# 35934 now belonging to Mike Hearn 

A warm welcome to you all!

26th July & 1st August 2005

I just returned from the Silverstone weekend and still try to get my camping gear dry. Was a bit too wet on Sunday and even the way home on monday wasn't a pleasure to drive. Sometimes horendeous rain with a lot of traffic around. But the Magnette did all the way without trouble even if my rebuilt engine uses a bit too much oil. At  the exit to the F1 circuit Spa in belgium Ishe also had some misfiring. But this cured shortly afterwards. Did she like racecourses and wanted to leave the motorway? I'll never now.
Here is a Silverstone report..
Another Silverstone report on MGA matters is here...
As I'm heading off again I already upload the July's Picture of the Month.

19th July 2005

Malcolm Robertson has updated his series about his Varitone restoration. read part IV....
Next week I#ll be visiting Silverstone. Hope to see many of you. Say hello at the Register sand and attend our AGM! This is the place where you can tell us what you expect from the register! 

h July 2005

Some updates on the gallery:
# 11469 of Brian Woolmer in Australia is back on the road after 25 years!
# 17223 and #  25265 were on ebay recently

6th July 2005

This month the biggest M.G. event worldwide takes place in Silverstone. Please park your car at the register parking. It's always nice to see some Magnettes together, isn't it? The register will also held it's AGM at Silverstone. To get your attention we'll meet on Sunday at 1.30 pm on the first floor of race Control, from which one has a panoramic view of the start/finish line. Will anyone pay attention to the meeting? We look forward to seeing as many members there as possible.

1st July2005

It was a quiet June here on the website. But only because I was organising the Z-Magnette-Day and because your input was low as well. On the other side the MGA-register kept me busy with their tour to LeMans. Those intersted in MGAs may visit their website
Well but I hope we can go on as you are used to it. First we start with more than 100  pictures and a report of the Magnette Day and a new Picture of the Month

1st June2005

First of all I have to add another name to the long "I thank.."-list. I forgot Colin Pratt, who rebuilt a gearbox simultan just to explain me how to go on! That was a great help as I couldn't understand all the terms of the american tech-guide I found on the web (will appear here later).
After months without a Magnette it is quite interesting to see people turning their head or hear them saying "Oh look what a car". I didn't recognize that before anymore but after 6 months anonymous in traffic it's different again!
So, here we are with the news:
- Of course there's a new picture of the month.
Then I added a lot of cars to the gallery:
Let's start with # 7760, the remains of a Magnette on Hawaii. Read Ali Bairos' report...
Eric Wilson sent me details and pictures of three Magnettes in Canada: # 5327,  #19181 and # 21707.
Another Magnette-free place on earth has gone: Johann Emil Björnsson imported # 27973 to - ICELAND!
Opposite Iceland on the other side of the globe is # 16011 located in Tasmania, Australia
And a picture from homeland UK: # 30954.
All owners a warm (where necessary a very warm) welcome and enjoy this site!

22nd May 2005

Qiete a long time without an update! But I prefered to finish my Magnette rebuild. It's always the little things that take more time than expected. An leaking gearbox when everything has been rebuilt, to convert a ZA bonnet to Varitone and so on. The last one was the front bumper: It took me the last saturday until midnight to get the bumper horizontal,  in the right high and in the middle. These brackets are not easy to bring in the right shape! When I returned into the garage on sunday morning I wasn't very pleased with last nights result so started again... But now it seems to be fine. 
But there have been also lucky moments: the engine refused to run last weekend. I checked the ignition and fuel again and again and had at least  the drivegear of the dizzy in suspect. 
This was when I received  a call from Carsten Wivel from Denmark who was comming along for a night. Carsten has experience of more than 20 years and found the fault within minutes (it was the drivegear) as well as a not working 2nd carburettor. Really a welcome visitor at the right moment! Thanks Carsten.
Thanks also go to David for storing my ebay-buys, Martin for the missing bits, Lou for the parts and everybody else who gave me good wishes and was interested in my progress. At the moment it looks quiete good with only some oil still dripping off the engine. Hope to get this sorted out without removing it again.
Enough boring stuff. here are two new entries on the gallery:
# 28126 seen on ebay and 
# 36997 of Jesse Bregman, Santa Cruz, USA

6th May2005

Lately we had many new ZB's on the gallery. Today I add two '55 ZA's, both belonging to Nick Baker in Australia:
# 4678 and # 9472

2nd May2005

Here we arte for another update:
First see the new Picture of the Month. Another example what British steel can do after 50 years! 
Also the gallery is still growing. Please welcome 
# 19975 of Eg Geissler, USA
# 23938 of George Diggle in Australia, who is also Pic of the Month, #28134 sold on ebay for only 450 EUR,  
#31119 of Richard Comfort, Virginia, USA and
# 32557 found on ebay.

And finally a nice picture of Paul Vermont {MG Car Club Victoria; Magnette and Y type register captain} standing with the Magnette to show the chauffeur/car match he recently wore at the wedding.
Picture Loz Scott.

Personal note to Loz: I can't reach you by email. All my mails are refused (old and new address)?! 

24th April 2005

Normally I had planned to spent the whole weekend in the garage to assemble my car. But what happened: I received a call that the panels will only be finished on monday. So there's enough time for an update:
After a long time we can add some other  collectibles: Paul Barrow found these postcard. and also this model of a Magnette stockcar. 
Steve Giannoni, USA, had another solution for broken temp gauges...
Loz Scott, Austarlia, made a report about radiator caps (pdf) and the correct pressure. 
Also #24361 as seen on ebay has been added.
And finally a hint that tickets for Silverstone can be ordered online now. Save money with pre-booked tickets...

20th April 2005

From time to time I receive emails of persons who owned Magnettes when they were young. All have good memeories! The following mail is one of them:
Hello, while living in New York City at around l960, my first husband and iI bought a MG Magnette second hand. It was a left hand drive vehicle. Within several years we had to give the car away to a auto mechanic because we were unable to afford the maintance. However, I have excellent memories of standing outside of my Greenwich Village apartment (downtown new york city) with the crank handle waiting for someone to come along and offer to crank start the car for me. Someone always did. I have no idea what happened to that gorgeous vehicle. Any hints on tracing it? The car was registered in New York State under the name of Tony B. at 41 Greenwich Avenue, New York City. Yours, Joyce B.S. (names known to webmaster)

19th April 2005

For a while I had this report from Laurie Scott lying around. He writes about distributors in general and about "light tuning". More... (pdf)
And Robert Schmitz spotted this car on ebay which changed hands for only 450€.

14th April

Many reports, articles and information are on my computers and lying around on my desk. Time to sort them and prepare for upload. Here we go:
Piet.D. Toxopeus from the Netherlands made a list of wiring colors (pdf)  to help him during his restoration. He hopes that this is useful to others too. I'm sure it will! Thanks Piet. !
I also added another event in the UK where Magnettes are most welcome. Please see our diary...
And two more Magnettes on the gallery:
Robert Schmitz spotted #3528 on ebay, while #33044 is for auction at Bonham's currently. Spotted by Rutger Booy.

I nearly missed the small jubilee: the website is 5 years old now! Presents and donations welcome :-)

11th April 2005

Finally I received some pictures of the season-opener (in Europe) Magnettes & Steam. For years now has this been the first event after a long winter and Stephen Tickell and Peter Martin report that it again was a nice event. More.... 

9th April 2005

Malcolm Robertson fro Australia wrote the 3rd part of his painful restoration...

5th April 2005

Time to add a few cars to the gallery:
# 16376 spotted on ebay
# 24798 newly acquired from Jacques Querton in Belgium, # 27973 spotted in a magazine in Sweden by Lars Tersmeden,  # 29566 picture updated by Ron Cunningham, USA and # 36820 Jim Barcley's new toy (USA). All new owners a magnettic welcome!

3rd April 2005

Here I am again! Hope you missed the missed the updates ;-)
Let's start slowly as I have to check a lot of emails and have to get sorted a few things at home as well. 
So the easiest and quickest thing I could do so far is the Pic of the month.

16th March

Important notice for the Z Magnette Day:
There are no rooms left anymore in the farmhouse without sharing rooms. So please book either book at the hotel or send me an enquiry and we'll see who is able  and willing to share a room. But be quick as even in the hotel not many rooms are left!  

Those living in the UK may be reminded that on 26th March the seasonal opener magnettes & Steam will take place!

Well that's it for the next two weeks....

13th March 2005

There is a good turnout of new registrations at the time. So please welcome on the gallery: 
# 23891
of Mathew French in Australia
# 26695 of Ludo Smolderen in Belgium,  # 35929 of Alberto Cruz in Portugal and two Magnettes that were on ebay: # 13435 and # 25603

The "Magneteer of the year" award has been presented to Warren Marsh. More...

8th March 2005

They survive everywhere! Even if most Magnettes on ebay are located in the States and are very often in a very bad shape you may sometimes find interesting examples of our Magnettes. An example for the first said is # 22413 . The interesting example is  # 33134 located in Bangkok, Thailand. 
My update should have ended here, when I recognized that today is International Women's Day. What have our Magnettes to do with it? Quite easy: in the 50's the world looked ok with a clear role for men and woman. This advert is my contribution to the International Women's Day... ;-)

2nd March 2005

Well Iknow I'm a bit late with the monthly update, but my own car reserves first priority. I hope to get my panels to the painter this week and start reassembling soon...
But what's on in Magnette world? Mainly I received some interesting mails and registrations. So let's start with new entries on the gallery:
# 22356 a nice example of
Jean Marie Kohler, Switzerland and # 23472 the new parts car of Gene deRuelle, USA.
I also received another picture of the Manette-Hot Rod which I showed a few months ago. It seems it's now painted and looks great, doesn't it? 
I would have left some more original stylish especially at the front/grille but overall it looks what I had in my mind but refused to do because of the time and costs.  



About Willy Cave and his Winter Trial I was told that the reason they did not finish was dirt in the fuel tank. I'm still trying to get more information. Nevertheless I found this picture on the Dutch website wvvw.thetrial.nl. :

And as we have a new month, enjoy our Picture of the Month as well...

At least I changed Lou questionaire a bit. Lou informed me tat some people couldn't download it. I found out that it was created with Adobe Acrabat 7.0 and could not be open with a lower version. You might now try again. 

February 2005

I just return from my damned cold garage where I had to convert my new bonnet to a Varitone bonnet. Right the difference are only 18 holes to hold the chrome trim but these have to be drilled accurate on the right place! 
But I still have time for a little update:  
Two new Magnettes on the gallery: # 1783 found by Robert Schmitz and # 9245 which was for sale on ebay.

21st February 2005

Lou Shorten has a new price list. She also asked me to publish the following:
"John and Lou Shorten would appreciate their many and faithful customers from around the world taking about 5 minutes of their time to complete a short questionnaire on the standard of their restorations and panels, as someone is currently contesting the quality of a restoration job they have done. You may either post your return or email your return to us. 
Thank you  in advance for your help
John and Lou"

17th February 2005

Another small update:
Loz Scott updated his article about the locking handbake (pdf) and someone sent me a copy of an article from Enjoying MG from 1980. Sorry I lost the mail that came with the article. And on ebay was # 16142. A car we already had on the gallery in another condition...

Those who enjoyed the 50 years celebration last year may have noticed the cameraman who was always everywhere but you didn't recognise him. Well the result is out now: "Golden Magnettes" is the DVD (or video) called and gives over 40 min an impression of Silverstone (including parade laps), Hambridge and Norwich. The quality is superb and the price is as well. A DVD cost about 3 GBP, the video slightly more. They say: "The object is to remind people of last years celebrations and is a service to members not a profit making exercise."  I would say it's a must for those who attended at one of these events and for those who couldn't be there! Please notice that the telephone number written in Safety Fast! is wrong! You can contact John and Cynthia Harris at "
ceharris(at)mgownersclub.net" . I think payment with paypal is possible.

16th February 2005

Just a small update on the gallery:
Please welcome Olav Ross Sorensen from Denmark with # 14141, Bill Durst, USA and # 21271
Also added: # 14192, # 32776 and # 37061.

13th February 2005

I tried to get some information about Willi Cave in the Winter Trial over the week. All I know by now is that Cornwell/Cave retired on the second last lap. 
Meanwhile we have some more Tech stuff:

Do you remember the article about cracked wheels? Warren Marsh sent me another picture that might be the worst example of what might happen!  
Another topic is Loz Scott's article about reoairing the windscreen jet washers

9th February 2005

As announced before: here's the beginning of the story of Willi Cave and his Magnette in the Winter Trial....

6th February  2005

So many things happening at the moment. I could stop working and do a 24 hour Magnette job. While I was checking the scenic tour for the Magnette Day, passing ski lifts in action, the Australians enjoined another concours in Melbourne with fine weather. Loz Scott reports...
The combination of winter and Magnette is (hopefully) enjoyed by Willy Cave and his driver Mike Cornwell. Both started yesterday from Maastricht to a winter rally finishing on friday in Monte Carlo.  Henk Kroese, the Dutch Magnette registrar and I went there on saturday to see him. An interview and report will follow this week. Here's just an apettizer:

Attention: I was told that the entry form for the Magnette Day is not readable. I will create another pdf soon and will inform you. Sorry for that. I suppose it depends on the version of Acrobat reader you use as some others can read it. But I will fix it anyway!

1st February 2005

Well it's late in the evening on the 1st of the month so still in time for those in the Western part of the world but too late for Japan, Australia and New Zealand. But repairing my own Magnette is more relevant at the moment! I'm sure you understand. Because of this the update isn't too big, but a lot of tuff is waiting for you during the next weeks if time allows. So here we start:
Firts welcome Piet Toxopeus from the Netherlands and his Magnette 
# 17007
For the technical advised Tom Matthuis from Luxenbourg wrote an interesting article about gearboxes and the sympton "Jumping out of gear". Not only of interest for the racers amoung us!
And of course there is a new Picture of the Month .
At least please notice that entry form and program for the Z Magnette Day in Germany are ready for download! (Auch in Deutsch)
Well that's it for the moment


January, 26th, 2005

Time for another update on the gallery:
please welcome
Charles Griffith with  # 8986 and Franky den Abt from Belgium with  # 13670. Both cars are very original examples.

January, 22th, 2005

Quite a lot news are commuing over from the Netherlands. So this update is especialley for the "Oranjes":
The most important notice might be that Willy Cave, navigator in the 1955 Monte Carlo Rally on a works Magnette (see also pic of the month) is doing the same 50 years later! He will start for the Winter Trial from Maastricht/NL to Monte Carlo in a  - yes - MAGNETTE !  The start is on Sunday 6th February and srutineering on the saturday. I hope to meet Mr. Cave the saturday and get some more information for you. Anyone else going there to see the starton sunday might send me a picture please!! 
Talking about the Netherlands can't be done without mention the Dutch registrar Henk Kroese. Currently he makes the Magnettes more famous in TV! He and his car are shown in a local TV-series driving through picturesque landscape as well as a small river. He says his doors were draining water for a week! Anybody out there who can transform an ordinary DVD into a mpeg or so to show here? 
And more from my neighborcountry: The teapot that is listed on "collectibles" is available again. It was seen on a motorshow and is sold by the shop of the T-type Owmers Club @ 75 Euros. Here's a picture...

January, 18th, 2005

300 !

Well, you probably know what this means. It's the next mark we reached on the gallery. Please welcome Mr. John Murphy and # 36601 . Isn't that chassis number great as well? Exactly the number of cars built, but as they started at 501 there are some more younger cars after this one. Before you bomb me with emails: the number of Magnettes built differs between 36,600 and 36,601 depending on whether a prepoduction car is counted or not!
Well and no. 301 is as special as well! A car still in first hands: not sure whether the 80 y/o owner will see this website, but give her and # 34407 a welcome as well.

, 13th, 2005

One of the weak points on our Magnettes is the 2nd gear synchromesh ring on the gearbox. I suppose nearly everybody around knows of this. So was mine gearbox too and an overhaul was necessary. Some people told me that it can be done DIY, while most others (like me so far) are a bit afraid of the gears, spacers and anything else that can be found inside the box. Especially Colin Pratt and our chairman David Johnson encouraged me to do it myself. (Propably an extra article when done...) 
But this weak ring brought back some memories from last summer: My friend and I where on our way from Silverstone to the Hambridge event and stayed on a campsite in Exmoor. There we were looking under the bonnet because my friends ZA wasn't accelerating very well. Then an elderly man came along, had a look under the bonnet as well and said: "Ah, it still has the original gearbox. Is it still working fine? I told John Thornley at that time that the 2nd gear was to weak." During the following conversation it turned out that he was employed in Abingdon (or where the gerboxes were built) and had a very good knowledge of gearboxes and diffs in general. If only Mr. Thornley had heard of this engineer...

January, 12th, 2005

Exactly 50 years ago on 12 January 1955 the following article released: Motor Trader Service Data No. 223 (3,5 MB)

January, 3rd, 2005

If  I counted correct we now have 299 (!) Magnettes on the gallery. That's fantastic isn't it? And new cars in every state of condition are still found from time to time. So here we are:

# 11469 is the joy of Brian Woolmer from Australia
# 12304 is the second car from NZ but what a car...!
# 12936 a bad  example how they can look nowadays  
# 26561 rescued by Wray Lemke, USA

January, 1st, 2005

Welcome to 2005! I hope you had a good start despite whats going on in Asia at the moment. 
What's going on here? So far the only change is the owners gallery which was changed slightly. Due to the total entries of nearly 300 Magnettes I had to split the gallery for faster download into years of production. Incorporated are now the production changes and I added a few early cars that could be identified by chassis numbers.
And of course there's a new Pic of the Month...

December, 30th, 2004

The last update in 2004 brings a review of Loz Scott in Australia about his trip to Europe to visit the 50 years celebration. 
I wish you all a good start into 2005!

, 22nd, 2004

Well another Magnette year is going to an end. It was a wonderful year with the Golden Jublilee on several continents. I received many many friendly mails and met many enthusiasts. I'm really looking forward to the next year. Looking back 50 years will bring us into 1955, the year the Magnette had their Rally debut at Monte Carlo. I hope I will find the time to bring some interesting stuff just in time. But time is more than limited at the moment especially after I crashed my fathers Mercedes yesterday, which I use as a replacement for my crashed Magnette. Slowly I'm running out of cars ;-)
Anyway. Thanks everybody for the support on the website either by sending pictures and/or reports or just by visiting regulary!
Enough talking here's another pictue on the wedding gallery...

December, 18th, 2004

Another magazine reprint has been added on the articles page. It is from July 1954 and could be the first road test in the USA. This reprint is again from Paul Barrow. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us!

, 14th, 2004

Too much work around so there was no time for an update. But I assume you visit the advent calendar regulary, so there's something new every day.
Last Saturday I removed engine and gearbox from my car. It was a sunny day, the garage wide open - but only 3 degrees! Some of my readers on the other side of the world surely can't imagine this. Anyway.
Someone (sorry lost mail and name!) sent me link, where I found this picture: 

When I looked closer at the picture, especially the rear view I recognized a fram I had seen before.
Quite a long time ago we had an article about a conversion. I assume this is the result.
read the older article and the rear view here...

We also reached 290 cars on the gallery with two cars found on ebay! I don't believe that we will reach 300 but who knows?

, 2nd, 2004

The sale of regalia is in full swing now. But I recognized that I converted some prices intoUS $ wrong. This has been corrected by now. 
Please note: if you order more than 1 item I can calculate the net-prices and add the charge for p&p once! Up to 2 kg this is about 12 € or 17 $. In that case it's easy to send mugs as well! Just send me your enquiry before I run out of stock... 

December, 1st, 2004

A wonderful year with some nice events is going to an end. But I'm sure the next year will bring some nice events, too. No Golden Anniversary events, but places to meet like-minded. 
More dates for 2005 have been confirmed and I also added more information on the Z-Magnette Day on the events-page.
While you read this you already should have recognized the advents calendar. Not? Here it is. Many new pictures, not only Magnettes, have been added and I hope you enjoy it from day to day!
Also another sad example of survived Magnettes has been added the gallery: # 33342.
And of course a new picture of the month...

November, 23rd, 2004

Please note: 
Normally all emails are answered immediatly! But more and more people use "blacklists" to stop spam. Unfortunalety these blacklists do not work absolutly correct. Several times I could not answer because my mail was blocked! This happens because I use a freemail servce to save the register costs. So should you not receive an answer within 3 or 4 days  this is what might have happened! You might try again with another email address. 

But here's another good news:

We again sell regalia via the website. And that's not all. We sell them at self-cost price to clear our stock!. This is the chance before christmas. These prices really are worth looking...

, 22nd, 2004

The collectibles page has been updated. Browse around...
And an old newspaper article from the late 50's I assume.

November, 18th, 2004

Two new entries on the gallery. We welcome Norman and Rose Pethybridge, UK with # 20014  and  Gene deRuelle, Reno, Nevada, USA with # 23479
After the last AGM I took over the job as Registrar from David Johnson, who became our chairman after the sudden death of Roy Smalldridge. So my ask is not only to keep this website alive. I also keep the register database with all known cars beiing scrapped or alive.  So if you think you shouild update your information or haven't even registered with us please send me an mail or use the registration form. Help to keep as much history of our cars as possible. After 50 years it's getting less and less.
Well, we also have a new face on the committee. Janet Craiger has taken over the role as treasurer and will keep an eye on our finances. 

And at least Paul Barrow recognized the origin of the KIGASS choke on Magnette # 589. It is from a Spitfire. Not that littleTriumph two seater... Look here...
Help needed: I would like to update the advents calendar before I go online next week. If you have any pictures that would fit please send. I not only need Magnette pictures! 

November, 17th, 2004

Today Malcolm Robertson from Australia continues his restauration report  called "Underneath the Grease and Grime" 

, 7th, 2004

# 31058 recently on ebay found a new home with Bruce McHardy in Scotland. We welcome both! 
Neal Yates sent the rest of a 54' brochure of Hambro, New York, the MG represent in the US then.
The early birds amoug you may be interested in the 2005 diary. Some dates have to be confirmed but you may start your planning right now.

November, 1st, 2004

I just returned this afternoon from a Register committee meeting oin Abingdon, where we had some good discussion. I will report a bit later and also add the dates for 2005 during the next dates. But before this here is the update I prepared before  left. (Sorry Alan that I didn't manage to upload for Monday morning 7 o'clock, but I still was in UK at that time!).

Winter is comming nearer and nearer, while our friends on the southern hemisspere are starting their season. This means technical articles and other stuff to read for us and hopefully reports and pictures from events in Australia and elsewhere!
We start with a technical article fron Alan Bacheldor, USA who did a proper shop wih a MGB 5 brg engine and a Datsun 5speed gearbox. More...  

Beside the Picture of Month I found some other pictures. First a Dunlop tyres advert, and then I added an advert about "KIGASS" to the MG #589-page, as this car was fitted with this at some time.

, 26th, 2004

+++Motif production stopped+++
My apologies for not broadcasting this earlier: I have been transferred from the corporate office to the power generating station, and must now commute to work. As such, I cannot devote adequate time to my wife and family without ceasing production of the MG Magnette steering wheel motif. Thus, I will not be making any more motif on a regular basis. My apologies for this. Thanks for your understanding. Chuck Reece

With the update on 1st of October I announced more information on the temp sender unit. Unfortunalety it showed only the old page missing the updated information. So here's a new try...

Also we have a few more entries on the gallery. I wonder whether we can reach the 300:
First we have # 4552, which is for sale in Stockholm, Sweden, and was spotted by Lars Tersmeden.
# 10277 seems to be first entry from NZ and belongs to Ray Green, who has big plans. But I wonder why there are not more entries from NZ!
# 17271 belongs to Alan Grace from UK and
# 22809 was spotted on ebay

October, 18th, 2004

I scanned another old article for you. It appeared in Enjoying MG November 1987 and tells the story of ownership of 619 EPP. Does this car still excist? If the current owner reads this, please contact me if you're interested in the original magazine.

October, 11th, 2004

France. Well known for good wine, good cuisine, B.B. and Le Tour de France. But that's not all: Les Francais also have Magnettes. And if they not have a very early barnfind (like we reported a few month ago) they make it special. More...  

October, 7th, 2004

You may onder why I update the website frequently instead of repairing my own car. Well the progress is much slower than I hoped. I'm still waiting for prices from our suppliers to show the insurence and to get their OK. 
My delay is your fortune: I have two nice new pictues. First a new picture on the Wedding Gallery and
another old article from 1954 which Paul Barrow found in his large archives.

October, 6th, 2004

Thank you all who sent me emails after the latest news. Well, luckily I wasn't injured and even the other lady can be happy that my Magnette hit her car at the front wheel. I suppose she would have been hurt when I hit the drivers door. Anyway. At the moment I' wating for prices from our suppliers in England. The next problem seems to transport a bonnet to Germany. It looks as there is enough stuff for the news-section during the next weeks.
As time is limited at the moment I only have another advert. It was in a  horse show catalog in New York '56, spotted by Paul Barrow.

October, 1st, 2004

I don't like mondays!

Youmay wonder what this means and why I write this. The answer is here...

Just in time John and Lou Shorten have a new price list. Probably I'm the first who is in need for some parts ;-(

What else?
Of course a new picture of the month, and another tech tip: This time on the never ending story "temp gauge" by Arch Boston, USA.
Some more pictures and information of the oldest excisting Magnette (so far) # 507  of Prof. Francis A. Dalrymple-Hamilton and please also welcome Graham Gittins, Australia with  # 7732

I had more reports etc. but since monday I have to sort out a few oher things to get her back on the road!

, 22nd, 2004

Since months I have a lot of small articles and pictures, which I have to make ready for uploading. As especially these small things make a lot of work I only saved them in my folder "unpublished". But it seems I'm loosing control, so during the next days I will try to publish many small things (if time allows... MGA waiting for new MOT...) even if during the winter period I may again call for some input. Enough intro, here we start:
New on the Magnette wedding gallery are Andy and Jo Brock with their ZA.
Rutger Booys sent the following mail after reading the 62' article about the H.R.G derrington crossflow head:
 "I just saw the article on the Derrington conversion on your website and I remembered this picture in the book "M.G. Cars" by David Palmer, printed by C.ArthusrPearson Ltd. London 1958."

P.S. Rutger also has a nice website with MGA and Magnette specials and provided me with a lot of old pictures which you will see later...

Ton Matthuis from Luxembourg wrote a tech tip about weak Magnette wheels. This seems to happen more often than you think as I already heard this story from other owners! So keep the M.G. slogan "safety Fast!" in mind and check your wheels carefully!

Another tech tip comes from Clive Shelley, UK. He converted his Jaeger clock to quartz. Surely a good idea as most clocks don't work. But if they do it's nice to hear the tick-tack. Clocks without this noise are no clocks!
You want more pictures to browse? No problem! Here are some more pictures of the Magnettes that took part in the Somerset event. I wonder whether Eddy Lepez, who took these photographs, did see anything during the trip without a lense in front of his eye :-)

Well, it seems my folder "unpublished" is a bit smaller now. But still so many picturesto prepare... So it seems this page will not get boring soon. But don't hesitate to send me your reports and pictures as this is what keeps this site alive!

O.K. just to finish: another advert... and # 12866 that was on ebay recently.

Magnettic MotorinG

, 14th, 2004

Four new Magnettes on the gallery! And for the second time we have a following number. It's # 31017 . Welcome Roger Vandy-Smith, UK. Also a warm welcome to Alexander McCraw frm Scotland with # 8780 and Clive Shelley with # 23993.
Laurie Scott wrote an interesting article (pdf 1 Mb) about mass production during the 50's, camparing the Nuffield products.

September, 10th, 2004

Some more pictures to shorten your time 'till weekend (hopefully in your Magnette):
Laurie Scott from Australia sent some more impressions of  the Silverstone race track and of the Hambridge event.
On the gallery we welcome Lars Tersmeden from Sweden with # 2519 and Udo Barthelsfrom Germany with # 8628. Udo is also our 275th entry! I suppose he will send some pictures for another gallery soon...

And have you read the rebuild article on the MG owners club website?

, 5th, 2004

Just returning from a nice M.G. event in the middle of Germany. Only one Magnette, so no pictures for you. Needless to say that my Magnette ran smooth except a bit pinking on hilly roads. But still fast enough to show the modern cars the large chrome grille....
But I know that some of you will switch on their computers on monday morning and expect some news. So I don't want to dissapoint you!
Here is an article, which Mike Chew found in an old magazine. It's from 1962 and is about the H.R.G. Derrington cross-flow head

And an early brochue kindly sent in from Neal Yates, USA. 

, 1st, 2004

Because of the many reports and pictures that had to be uploaded first to be actual, I missed to update the gallery. Some of you may have noticed on the board that Magnette # 507 was (or still is?) for sale in London. Although it's probably the oldest excisting Magnette and surely is a historically important car, the price of over 6,000 GBP seems a bit high. Anyway. The register would love to see this car in enthusiastic hands. 
Already in good hands is # 628 which we could see in Hambridge. To be honest I noticed the car just before leaving on the Sunday!. Before I just recognized an old rusty (but driving) Maggie until I had a closer look and noticed the missing quarter lights...
Also new are #11555,  # 33041 and # 37017
Big thanks to John Barringer for the work and pushing up the numbers on the gallery!
Please also welcome:
# 2304 of  Barry Alexander, UK
# 34572 of Jim & Sharon Jans, USA
# 34784 of Steve Giannoni, USA and
# 5684 I think I saw it on ebay, not sure anymore

Well, and before we end we have the obituary for our register chairman, Roy Smalldridge, who is missed by all of us.

And... yes of course the Picture of the Month. readers of Safety Fast might have enjoyed the article about Gregor Grant during the Mille Miglia 1955. Here a picture taken a year later...

And at least the reminder for the Norwich event this weekend. Please don't forget to give Lou a ring in advance if you plan to attend! Will anyone send a report nd pictures, please? 

August, 28th, 2004

Here's another update. Seems some of you try to keep me busy! 
John Barringer send some pictues and report of an event in Dorset, which seems to be a nice place. Look here...

August, 26th, 2004

Added some more pictures of Silverstone. Marion Arnhold made some nice shots on the race track during the parade laps.

August, 25th, 2004
During the last weeks we were talking about the golden anniversary of the Magnette a lot. And it seems there's no end: exactly 50 years ago the Magnette made it's debut in Australia on the Sydney Motor Show. Laurie Scott (whose holidays must go to an end now...) prepared a nice article about this.

August, 19th, 2004

I received the following mail, which I thought might be of general interest:
Thanks to Jorn Rasmussen for kindly giving me a lift around the Silverstone circuit in his Magnette on the Sunday parade laps. While sliding around on the back seat (no belts of course!) I managed to take some snaps of the two leading MGs "giving some welly" down the straights and round some of the corners. I particularly like the (attached) one taken through the side (yes) window at Luffield - a perfect illustration of the "proper racing line". The whole experience set me up well for the Thornley race in my B. They told me in the tent that putting MGB engines in Magnettes is quite acceptable. Now I see why! 
Best wishes, Ronald Watt, MGB #15

Here's the picture

We have also two other pictures:
First a nice wedding picture, which is also our first entry from Norway on the gallery! Welcome Trygve Sandberg! The second car is # 17696 and was recently on ebay, spotted by Mike Chaw. Thanks.

August, 17th, 2004

Eddy Lepez from Belgium also took "some" pictures. I had the choice amoung 297 (!) pictures. The work is done and after selecting, renaming, resizing and many hours later the result is here... 

August, 12th, 2004

What a lot of work but I finally managed to get a report & pictures of the Hambridge event online. Enjoy! More to come. 
And the Picture of the Month. Attention! I'm running out of pictures for the monthly pic. Please search your archives or maybe you find a good spot tomorrow! 
August, 11th, 2004

Slowly I'm getting sorted again. The Magnette has done the 2,000 miles trip well and so I already gave her a good service. Now I'm sitting here with oily fingers as some are already looking for reports. So here we start with the Silverstone report... 
and Lou Shorten asked me to inform you that during the last four weeks she had big trouble with her emails. Should you have sent an email and did not receive an answer yet, please contact her again.

August, 10th, 2004

Three weeks without update! I hope you now know what you missed? As you may guess I took my Magnette to Silverstone and the official Golden Anniversary event in Somerset. Full reports will follow during the week.
The week before I left I showed a bit of my country to Laurie Scott from Australia, who sends a lot of articles and reports for the website. Here's a picture of us in front of my car.   

I also have a very sad news, but I didn't want to start with that:
The week before Silverstone Roy Smalldridge, our chairman suddenly passed away. A full obituary will also follow. 

July, 17th, 2004

We have two new entries on the gallery:
Please welcome Mikeal Falk from Belgium with #22523 fresh imported from Sweden and #10502 belonging to Keith Frazer in UK. Both a warm welcome in the Magnette family!

July, 15th, 2004

Don't want to keep this picture that I received from Japan for myself. It shows an interesting speedometer...

Are your Magnettes already ready for Silverstone and Hambridge? I hope to meet many of you there! Bring your Magnette to Silverstone and park at the signed Register parking. As far as I know some Magnettes will be on display in the main marquee to celebrate their 50th anniversary, too. So let's ave a good time. Looking forward to seeing old faces as well as seeing  new faces of which I only knew email adresses before!

A week later Hambridge will start, but the entry list is closed now. Pictures of both events will of course appear here mid-August. 

July, 14th, 2004

You may know that when the Magnette was launched it nearly took a year until factory cars were available for magazine for roadtests. The first roadtest from end of July was based on the private owned Magnette of the tester! This makes the following article moe interesting as it is dated Oct. 1954 and seems to be the first roadtest in the USA! Neal Yates kindly send us the Mechanics Illustrated Magnette road test from Oct. 1954.

July, 11th, 2004

Today we start with a new series called:
"Living with Alison - Malcolm Robertson reports from Australia about his Varitone". 
And I "tuned" the report of the Z-Day a bit. The pictures might open larger and better now.
And please welcome the 260th entry: Wayne Hardy from Texas, USA with # 33170 on the gallery.

July, 6th, 2004

It's done! The 251st entry on the gallery!  It was sent by......... Gobby. And it looks as it could be a special Magnette:

"Here are a few pictures that your readers might be interested in. The first is a 1957 ZB that I have just purchased from North Devon a few weeks ago and I have just transported her home. It's an unusual car in that it has a 'normal' ZB chassis number (KAU14/22404) - a matching numbers car including stamped chassis number in body - but in fact has a Varitone large rear window. I have checked behind the rear window trim and it appears to be a proper factory fitted rear screen and not a home made conversion. Maybe this is something to do with the reputed first owner of the vehicle - although not registered to him (I am told that it would not have been) - non other than Lord Nuffield himself - if correct this would have been one of the last cars he 'owned' before he passed away. I am also informed that this was a 'Motor Show ' car. Both of these leads are being investigated at the moment - if anybody can help with a 1957 Motor Show brochure that would be great or anything else about the car  too. Its registration number is BWL 400 and it is also unusual in that it was originally finished in a dark green metallic. The car comes with its original tool roll and tools (verified by Paul Barrow) and also its jack, wheelbrace and starting handle. The car is complete but not in very good condition with plenty of rust in the usual places - I am undecided if its economically restorable - maybe that will depend if its 'history ' checks out. Gobby,Cornwall,UK

I'm sure most of you know about the spirit around the number 251. Not? Well, for many years it was Abingdon's telephone number and the first car of a new line always carried this number. After the foundation of BMC in 1952 they used the phone number of the drawing office in Cowley, which was 501. Well, I suppose the Magnette was the first car to start with this number (or was it the TF?).Anyway, we have a new target! Help to double the numbers. We will start here right now:
 #  6836, # 16772, # 27811, #33557 are Magnettes on the scrapyard in Arizona, numbers located by Buckey (BIG Thanks!)
# 35035 is for sale in USA
#35479 is for sale in UK
# 36658 of Mark Gray, Kent, UK
# 37037 of Stephen Tickell, Surrey, UK

A warm welcome in the Magnette family to the new owners. 

July, 3rd, 2004

Well a bit late for the monthly update, but an illness forced me to bed a few days. Luckily it happened after the Z-Magnette Day. What again was a wonderful weekend. Read more...
And of course a new Pic of the Month. Another example for true enthusiasm!

June, 20th, 2004

Please welcome Nick Williams and his Magnette # 26607. They are the 250th entry on the gallery!

June, 16th, 2004

A few days ago everybody was talking about the D-Day. Hey, what's the D-Day? We talk about Z-Day! This will be at the end of the month and it looks as we will have a good turnout from all over Europe again. So don't miss it! Who knows if we still celebrate this 60 years later (surely not we but maybe our cars). More details at events.
Talking 'bout events: Neal Yates managed to get three Magnettes together for a little but therefore nice birthday party to celebrate the Golden Jubilee in the US. Well done Neal, enthusisats like you are needed. 

Please also welcome Mr. Ron Cunningham, California, USA and his Magnette #29266 in Magnette world and on the gallery.

Now there are also some pictures of the cars mentioned in the news of July,12th available (see below). Nobody there to save or scrapp? Notice the ZA still has the hockey-trim. 

Hey, still have so much interesting material that I don't have to spread over the month. So here's another  reprinted article I received from Harry Harskamp in the Netherlands, a Wolseley  4/44 owner but regular visitor to our site. Here's the article originally printed in the MGOC yearbook some years ago. 

I think that's enough for the moment....

June, 12th, 2004




You live in AZ and can't get enough Magnettes? Here's a chance:
"The city of Tempe is making me get rid of my British Collection and they desperately need new (loving) homes.  All cars and parts have been sitting 20 years in the AZ desert.  List of cars:
4 1956-1959 MG Magnettes
1 1966 Austin America
1 1967? MG 1100 (twin to the above)
1 1969 MGCGT tub--no rust, no motor, no trans
3 MGB core overdrive transmissions
And miscellaneous other items

I have four MG ZA and one ZB . I want $2000 for all five cars . If I do not get that much , I will crush them and make the ones out there worth that much more . It is a shame , but the city has condemmed my property and I must leave and have no where to go with these cars . I also have 800 Mercedes I am getting rid of . I must be out of here by the end of July .
Thanks Pete, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."

Perhaps someone out there can save the cars or use them to keep his own car on the road? Let me know...

June, 9nd, 2004

Today my Magnette passed it's MOT without any faults. As I'm very happy abot this (although I expected this result) I give you a big update:
First we have three new entries from all over the world on the gallery:
#  6628 proud new owner Tony Oliver, Gloucester, NSW, Australia
# 35539 Phil White's new project, Arizona, USA
# 35770 a single-coloured Varitone owned by Ingela and Ulf Edström from Gotenburg.Sweden
Now we'e only three cars away from the magic "251"

I also added a nice reprinted article and finally repaired the link for the advert!
And at least here's an article of Loz Scott from Australia about an interesting brake gear lever...
Many more intersting stuff still in my postbox.... :-)
Thanks all for your input!!

June, 2nd, 2004

There were two mistakes in yesterdays update. First the advert did not enlarge and secondly the Magnette # 29886 wasn't for sale on ebay. It belongs to Henry Marcus, the first entry from Ireland! Sorry for this and welcome Henry!! 
From Eire to Australia: Laurie Scott sent some pictures of a scenic tour they had with some Magnettes last weekend. Look here...   

June, 1st, 2004

So here we are for another monthly update. We start with a new Picture of the Month, followed by a contemporary American advert. New on the gallery is # 29886, which was for sale on ebay recently.
As we will see the Z-Magnette-Day at the end of this month, I contributed a small pdf-file how this event started as a private BBQ party a few years ago. Maybe this can be copied overseas, where owners normally not meet?! 
More updates soon.


May, 25th, 2004
Well I was a bit lazy during the last weeks. Not really - but teh website ad to stand behind house, garden, children and bicycle. The last I have in common with the former Register president Dixon Morris and even Lord Nuffield ! But you might not be interested in this. So here is what you are looking for:
# 29321 new on the gallery and another nice example of a Magnette wedding car, this tim from Ian Hendry, UK.
I have more stuff on my compurter, but it has to be prepared for the website. I will upload moe on 1st of June.

May, 13th, 2004
You may have noticed that a few links of the last update were not working. My appologice for this, please try again. 
It took four years to get the first Magnette from South Africa on the gallery! Please welcome Maria Lederer an Magnette # 26026 on the gallery!

You still think about going to the 50th anniversary party in Somerset? Hurry-up. Warren Marsh told me that there are only few places for the dinner left (which does not mean you can't particpate in all other activities). 

What elese in Magnette world? One owner managed to get his brand new wiring harness melted while working under the dashboard. He still doesn't know how. But a new one is ordered. 
And some more nice pictures of the barn find of # 589 in France!

May, 6th, 2004  
A totally different report this time: Steve Hanegan took some photos on a scenic tour round the area where he lives. Beautiful landscape with a beautiful car! If you think you live in a nice area too, why don't you follow his exampel and take some piictures for the website? But first you might like to see his pictures. 
And there's another entry on the gallery: # 30297 of Mr. Van  Hecke from Belgium. Discovered by Eddy Lepez.
And the entry form for the Z-Magnette-Day in Hamburg...

May, 1st, 2004
Already May! Everyone should have his Magnette on the road now or should have opened his garage to finish the restoration at least. Many owners already attended the season opener on Easter at the traditional "Magnette & Steam" event. 
John Barringer did a great job with some pictures of he event and 6 (!) new entries on the gallery! Thanks for your work, as well as Mike Chell, who also send pictures and a report. That's the way this site is living! Look here for some more event pictures.
So please welcome on the Gallery:
# 19768 of John Burton, # 24005 of Alan Slack, #  25745 of Peter Martin, # 31164 of janet & Jo, # 31971 Richard Smales and # 35891 of Lawrence and Val Miller. Please browse the gallery to see these fine examples!
Of course there's also a new picture of the month.. 

April, 28nd, 2004
Pictures and report of Magnettes & Steam added.

April, 22nd, 2004
Jörn Rasmussen from denmark recently was lucky enough to visit Australia and to see Ken Mc Kimmie. You don't know Ken? Well, he travelled a few years ago in his Magnette from Westaustralia to Eastaustralia. But he did not use tarmac roads, he used so called "highways" which are not more than rough Outback roads, normally only used by 4x4 cars. He wrote a nice book about this adventure (see books page). Well now his car is standing in his garage. Maybe I should ask for permission for soem of his outback pictures to wet your appetite...


April, 22nd, 2004
The 90th ZA Magnette and 235th overall on the gallery: #17758 of Eric Wilson,Vancouver, BC,Canada.
And the first comment on the hot rod from Gobby: 

"You can see the Magnette in this Hot Rod. I have arrowed the main areas . The roof has been chopped down and the rear door door welded up - 1/4 lights do not fit any more so have been done away with - The scuttle shape is unmistakeable (4th arrow from left) and the way it joins the top of the wing there. The headlights have just been fitted to the extensions of the front wings - and I think the bonnet has also been extended. The waist rail holes are still visible and the drivers door handle is still in the same place. I don't remember supplying one of those rear spoilers though ! Its very well done - and another Magnette lives on. Definitely 100 % Magnette ! And probably one of the quickest around ! "


I agree in most points with Gobby. But what made me thinking was the rear wheel arch (perhaps it looks different because of the welded door) and the complete front. It would be interesting if we could find ou more...

April, 19th, 2004
Four new entries on the gallery:
# 4660, #4742, #8727 and #36145 Maybe you think I'm joking, but the picture below was arked on the internet as a Magnette. I looked very long at it and could find some pieces that indicate it as a Magnette. But I'm not very sure. What do the experts say? Any clues for YES or NO? Please help.

April, 13th, 2004
New entry on the gallery is #389and there's a new picture on the Wedding- Magnettes-page . Still no comments on the hot-rod!

April, 6th, 2004 
Finally I managed to create the new gallery called Wedding Magnettes. More input welcome! I have no response yet about the Hot Rod Magnette. This was NO April fool!
Can you find details that identify this as a Magnette (see below)

Over the last weekend the German Oldtimer Show "Techno Classica", the largest show worldwide, took place. Both M.G. Clubs in Germany celebrated the 50th anniversary of our old lady: the MGCC Germany had four nice contempory sales brochures as posters on their stand and a special edition about Magnettes in their quarterly magazine. The M.G. Drivers Club showed a fresh restored twilight grey ZB.

Also two new entries on the gallery:
# 31016 of Udo Scheidemantel, Germany (this is the above show car)
# 32954 of  Neal Yates, USA, a car to be stripped down

April, 1st, 2004 eve
ave you seen Gobby's classified with the brand new body shell? I'm sure this is one  of the reproduction shells that were available exactly two years ago! ;-) 

April, 1st, 2004 
Welcome to another update. I only have one story, but it's a special one: exactly  50 years after a Magnette  left Abingdon she was recovered by French enthusiasts. 
Even our Monthly Pic shows that Magnette owners are funny on every part of the world!
And now a third Magnette (?) to think about. I found this picture on www.hotrodphotos.co.uk and unfortunalety could not get any more information other than it should have been a Magnette. What do you think? Can you recognize a Magnette?


March, 22nd, 2004
Attention to our US-Magneteers: Neal Yates from Connecticut,USA is trying to get some Magnettes together to celebrate the 50th anniversary. He wrote:"I was trying to get something together in CT to celebrate Magnette's 50th. So far, I have arranged for Magnetteers to have a free tent in Hospitality Row at the annual British-By-The-Sea show, Sunday, June 6, 2004 in Waterford, CT. Sponsored by the CT MG Club, BBTS attracts 300-400 fabulous British cars, but Magnettes are almost never seen. I and the only other known Magnette owner in CT will be there this year , but to celebrate the 50th, I would like to have at least two more Magnettes join us to make four, the minimum for Magnettes to have its own judging class and trophies -- for the first time! Waterford is on the southeast coast of Connecticut, less than 3 hours from New York City and Boston, a short ride from Foxwoods, the world's largest casino. Anyone interested can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - but they should do it by the end of March as the CTMG club -- and we -- have to make arrangements for the hospitality tent display, etc."  

Also I cannot believe, but again I have two more cars for the gallery! Stan Ball of theGeelong MG Car club in Australia has provided some information on # 9451 and # 10468. Should we rally touch the magic 251 mark during the jubilee year? Looks good at the moment!

March, 22nd, 2004
Five new entries on the gallery! My thanks go to Ton Matthuis of Luxembourg, who sent the details and pictures of:
# 11793, # 23046, #28601 and 
# 32982.
The fifth entrie is # 8533 of John Weston-Smith, Stafford, UK
Also another wedding Magnette (still had no time to create an extra gallery). This time it shows Peter & Daniala Holzigels beside their ZB. He asked me to tell you that it wasn't his wedding, as you can see on their clothes.! He only loan his car, which you may recognize as our entry-picture at the moment.

March, 17th, 2004
More information about the Z-Magnette Day added.
March, 14th, 2004
Only a few hours after I uploaded the Magnette with the fly screen I received the answer from Andy Brock:
"I think the Magnette with the perspex fly screen belongs to Anthony Pearson from Adelaide, South Australia. As I recall he fitted it for a long journey (3 days)to an MG event in Western Australia a few years ago where he won the concours and driving tests (or sprint). It was quite effective for keeping the flies off but didn't do too much for the aerodynamics."
Thanks for this information Andy.
Also our "wedding-competion" is going on. Chuck from the USA (one of the guys who reproduce the steering centre piece) sent this picture:
"Well, I finally decided to send you my MG Magnette wedding picture from September 1, 2002. My lovely new wife, Bettye, is gently entering the car, and my three (most of the time) wonderful children, Cameron, Morgan, and Rhiannon are already in the back seat, ready to zoom off the the reception!"
Well, I think we now have enough cars to open a new gallery. I will try to create something special...

Please welcome Gert Jakobsen from Denmark with # 6175 on the gallery.

March, 11th, 2004

The information on the events page are available now!
March, 10th, 2004
Someinformation about the Z-Day 2004 are added on the events page.
Good news for American Magnette owners, who always wanted to have an original tool roll: Paul Barrow, who got a small batch of these reproduced a while ago has moved to the US, so p&p are much less now. If you are interested look on the supplier page for more details. Only few left... 
And finally I question to you. Below are two pictures of a Magnette mounted with something that looks like a giant fly screen. Can anyone tell the Register the story of this effort? 

March, 5th, 2004
As promised with the last update here are more nice pictures:
Lets. start with an intersting old picture. 
Rutger Booy from the Netherlands wrote: 
"Hi Gunter;  I just found this picture of the opening of a new Dutch BMC-dealership in Helmond in Holland. It was taken in august 1957. Although the picture is of  a very poor quality, you mightbe able to spot a ZA-Magnette and a Varitone. As we still have the complete records of all Magnette's sold in Holland, this Varitone must be KACD33-21687. Unfortunately I haven't been able to trace the ZA."
Is 21687 still alive?
Two other Dutch cars are, although one will die soon: # 24817 and #28878 both belonging to Roland van den Eijnden in the Netherlands.
And thirdly we have another wedding Magnette. This time Dieter Otten's fresh retored ZB in Germany.
Thanks you all for your input!

March, 1st, 2004

The Magnette world seems to be restless. Over the last weeks I received many interesting emails and some nice pictures from all over the world. I will show them over the month starting today: 
Paul Bray and Peter Daley used their Magnettes recently as wedding cars for a wedding held at the historic 'Lanyon' tation near Canberra, Australia. The cars generated a great deal of interest as they are not sure two Magnettes have ever been used in a wedding procession in Canberra before.

More picures have been added to the gallery:
# 12321 of Thomas Glaze, US.
# 19129 was for sale on ebay
# 33691 of Graham.Springthorpe, UK

Nice pictures (including Alan Fosters racing Magnette) can also be found on http://www.carnote.co.uk/ . This link was discovered by Brian Pollard, Spain. 

Still winter north of the ecquator, but on  the other side they present their shiny cars under autumn sun. See pictures of Melbourne 2004...
For those of you who are interested in the early history of the Magnettes I continued the "50 years ago" series.
Added a link to the report of Japan (see below).
Repaired the link to the Swedish bulletin.
Another entry on the gallery. This time from Belgium: #21959
And I've added another contemporary advert to our reorganised advert-page.
The MGCC of Sweden had a nice article of the Magnette. Although this bulletin is written in Swedish you might like the pictures (3,5Mb).
And a Z made it to the overall winner at the 25th MG Day in Karuizawa/Japan. This Magnette is also shown in Clausager's book and several magazines. Well done Mr. Tomihiro Hibino! Here's a report..

I have some more nice pictures, which I will show you:
First there are two new entries on the gallery: #23864 , Mr. Eberhardt from the USA and #23955 belongongin to Mr Robinson from Australia. Both a warm welcome!
Then I received a picture from Clive Shelley, UK on the subject on models: "Picking up on the Paul Barrow 1/42 model holy grail quest, here's a John Roberts model of mine - 2 years ago." 
And at least I received another picture from the Bremen Classic Car Show from Peter Jenniches, Germany
That's all for now...

Well, we had a calm January on this website. But your input was very low and I'm very busy in writing articles for our club magazine to give the Magnette a birthday present. So all I can say once more: it's YOUR website so please give some input!!  
Over the weekend there was a classic car show in Bremen in North Germany. The MGCC stand was decorated with a maroon ZA and several contempory wallpapers. Look here... 
But we have two new entries on the gallery: # 12003 and # 17449 both from Australia. So "G'day mates" and enjoy this website.
Also another pic of the month.
During the next days I will upload some more news on the Z-history. 

Laurie Scott from Australia compiled a report about removing rust and paint. 

There are not too many news at the moment. But those of you who are a member of the MGCC may enjoy this month Safety Fast!, which contains a four page centrespread with Magnettism.
For the others I added two more old adverts, which Paul Barrow kindly sent to me.

Press release!
For some reasons the Z-Magnette Day will not be held in France! It will be organised on the "traditional" date - last weekend in June - in Germany. More details will follow soon.
If you think of going to England from the continent I advise to look for ferry prices now. I found out that all of them have "early booking sales". 

Happy NewYear to all Magnetteers!
Welcome to the first update in 2004, the year with some more Golden Jubilee celebrations. Please make your diary now and visit the events. Surely all events in Europe will be something special this year! 
Are there any birthday events in the US, too? Please let me know.
So what's new in the Magnette world:
Talking on events there are some more information of the main event in Somerset, UK. 
Lou & John Shorten have some special offers for the new year.
We have two new entries on the gallery: #25779 and #26823 and at least another interesting article from "Automobil Engineer" May 1955. Very technical, but interesting.

To continue our "50 years ago" it must be said, that at the end of 1953 Abingdon had begun to assemble 36 chassis, but only 8 were fiished in that year!