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Classic car events in 2013 in Mexico

Greetings to all magnetteers from La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico . The 2013 season of classic and antique cars expositions in this beautiful port city of Mexico has finished, I extend a brief report of our participation in the three major events this year :
In the month of March was held the VIII Spring Festival, dedicated to the Willys Jeep in its 70th anniversary, which included 16 Saturday afternoon, a parade through the streets of the downtown area, and throughout Sunday 17, a display car in the Kiosk Malecon, one of the major public squares. Participated in this event taking home an MG Midget recognition as the Best European Vehicle, and our MG Magnette 1959 was recognized as the Rare vehicle, because according to records we have, there are no more than five Magnettes functioning throughout Mexico.

In the month of May, we celebrate the XII Parade and Exhibition of Classic and Antique Auto " Fiestas de Fundación de La Paz" recognizing the Chevrolet Corvette in its 60th anniversary. The parade Saturday afternoon 18 was performed while the display was during the Sunday 19, a completely family event that takes place in the city center and the Kiosk Malecon, facing the beautiful Sea of our Bahia. In this event we received the Special Recognition " Honor to whom honor is due " for work done in our MG Magnette Exhibition 1959, which included mounting stand pictures, information and videos MG brand cars.In this month of November, has made the VIII Fall Festival and Old Classic Auto, in which the organizers allowed us to spread the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the MG Magnette. During the parade on Saturday 16, again the streets of the downtown area of the city viewed spend years of automotive history, concluding with a brief meeting of the participating cars against Cuauhtemoc Park; From the early hours of Sunday 17 was performed with much enthusiastically Auto Show in traditional Malecon Kiosk may observe that during this event, and traditionally provide information on a flipchart, present Online TV various photographs and videos of " Magnette 60th " materials awakened much interest in the audience. Our MG Magnette 1959 was recognized as the the Best European Vehicle.

Finally tell them that the presence of cars MG continues to rise in this city , we know that in addition to our Magnette 1959 , already has a MGTD 1952, MGB 1980 , and these were added two MG Midget expect form a small but enthusiast group MG's owners .
We parted sending warm greetings to all MG enthusiasts, and especially all Magnetteers . 
Luis Benito
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