22nd February

The fascinating reports of Josed de Sousa's trips across Asia are online now again in our section "reports & stories".

21st February 2013

Anders Bäcklund from Sweden sent two nice pictures of his cars for the gallery. '22522 and 36622 are added. You easily find them with the search function in the gallery. Just type in the chassis number or have a look at all cars from Sweden...

19th February 2013

All event reports bach to the year 2000 are now accessible again. look inthe left navigation bar at "Events" and then "Event reports". looking forward to the next season with new reports and pictures...

18th February 2013

With some delay we show the pictures and report of another car show in La Paz, Mexico, where Luis Benito is waving the MG Magnette flag. Although the old reports back to 2009 are uploaded. The earlier years going back to 2000 will be back soon.

13th February 2013

Dear Magneteers!

In April 2000 our website magnette.org went alive. That's a long time ago and the internet has changed a lot since. Our website was technically oldfashioned for some years now, but like our Magnettes - it worked! Butit was time for a change and so I took "some free time" to build up a modern (even if it looks old-fashioned) new website. Many old reports and pictures are still missing, but these will be reloaded one by one, once this site is running.

So enjoy! There are some new features, like the forum and a much more user-friendly gallery. Try it and let me know, what could be done better...

Magnettic MotorinG


23rd January 2013

Three more Magnettes for the gallery. They don't stop turning up (luckily):
# 2783 an early car owned by Brian Melville, England
# 23947 a restoration project in Australia
# 25642 Peter Yarham nice runner in New Zealand

20th January 2013

Brian Woolmer from the MGCC Sydney sent a nice report, on how they rescued 5 Magnettes from the scrapper...

14th January 2013

The Magnette's Diamond Jubilee gets some good feedback. See here...

You want to take part at this event? No problem, online booking is available now. Look here...

9th January 2013

Today we have 4 new Magnettes on the gallery. We nearly reach the 800 mark!
We start with
# 24234 owned by Ian Cox
# 27790 A restoration project for our well-known Loz Scott
# 32901 Adrian Tomlinson with another restoration project and
33597 David Wahl, USA

The events calendar 2013 has been updated. Please make your diary now and remember that Magnette60, the Diamond Jubilee of the Magnette, is the main event in August. WE WANT YOU THERE!

3rd January 2013

A happy new year to all Magneteers worldwide!
I'm sorry there haven't been any updates for some time, but as I said, I'm working on a relaunch. Bút there are information, that can't wait:
Stephen Tickell asked me to make the following note:

Magnette60 online booking coming soon !
We will be taking bookings for Magnette60 very soon. It was announced in Safety Fast! magazine that the online system would be available at the beginning of January, but as usual the technical side of things is taking a little longer than planned. Thanks for your patience, and please check back here shortly. If you register your interest by mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we'll make sure you're informed immediately when we're open for bookings. Please don't contact Wroxall Abbey hotel directly, as they won't be able to offer you the preferential pricing and package deals available through the Register.

9th December 2012

A big update on the wedding gallery with three new wedding cars and their passengers...

Please notice: this is the last update for the year as I'm working hard on a relaunch of thsi website and can't do both websites. I hope to have the new website running by the end of the year...
So pleaxse come back!




1st December 2012

Due to some circumstandes the last weeks seem to be quiet on the website. But there is a reason you will see some time, not this year...
Anyway: the work goes on. First I had a lot of pictures and registrations in my mailbox that need to be included in the gallery. here we go in ascending order by chassis numbers:

# 11492 these are the sad remains of a once glory car sitting in CA, USA and waiting for to be kissed by a prince. This prince shouls have some skills!
# 18026 was for sale in Sweden and needs some helping hands, too.
# 20223 is a nice example, that now belongs to David Rawlins from Australia
# 23083 This is quite intersting on how this website and the register brings people together: we had an enquiry of David Taylor, who's father owned this car in the '60s and he found some pictures and papers. Due to our database we could get him in touch with the current owner, who very much appriciated this file of history of his car.
# 30823 Kurt Nagl from the States is new proud owner of this ZB (not Varitone) and finally
# 36349 John Clark from Hampshire owns this car since 40 years now.

There is also an intersting comment from our register historian Peter Martin to the last picture of the month.

The next update will come soon with some nice wedding shots! And the new picture of the month!

9th November 2012

I missed the update on 1st of the month, but again there was so much to do. There was also a register meeting in Germany, which I organised. We had some lovely time around the meeting in Boppard on the Rhine. Well, bute here we go with another update:
The first dates for the 2013 events calendar are fixed...
And of course a new picture of the month...

23rd October 2012

Goodwood report with pictures of Rikke Urbansen Nissen and Dietrich Krahn added...

3rd October 2012

Already some weeks ago the register had it's annual AGM. After a five years period as chairman, Paul Batho stood down. New chairman of the register is David Halliday. It's the first time a Aussie takes over this role in the UK. So our register committee is well international now.
This is a good bridge to turn over to the Wagga Wagga event in NSWm Au´stralia. Loz Scott send a full report and pictures...

Also some news on thegallery which climbed to 783 cars! Is your car still missing? Please send a picture. So did Noel Willis from Ireland with  # 16404 , and  Rod Smith from Victoria, Australia with # 36082

Finally we have a new picture of the month

23rd September 2012

Grant Howlett's wonderful one-family-owned ZA again was the star in a report. This time it is compared with the new MG6 in Enjoying MG, which the author Jon Presssnell along with the MG Owners' Club made.


21st September 2012

Per Malmros found another car from Sweden for the gallery: # 14322.
And Mark Bunce sent some pictures from saturday in Norwich...
After a long period there are two new entries on the wedding gallery. Committee member Clive Webb married in style and our Mexican Magnette owner Luis Benito Ruiz Bogarin chauffeured his daughter to her wedding.




18th September 2012

Here's a report from Norwich...

6th September 2012

Two more cars for the gallery:
# 12681 and # 37085
And I found this picture in my folder and thought it's ok to congratulate HM for her Diamond Jubilee in 2012

which marks 60 years as queen.

And of course a new picture of the month....





26th August 2012

Here is the Silverstone MG LIVE report (with some delay)...

But plannings for Magnette60, our main event in 2013 to celebrate the diamond jubilee, are getting more detailed. Read more...

21st August 2012

Here's the report of our AGM at Middleton Hall last weekend.

Daniel Pope's Magnette # 28909, still under restoration, is new on the gallery.


And looking over the pond I heard that the 1957 MG Magnette saloon "Geraldine" of our Allen Bachelder, of Michigan, won class at the North American MG Register show in Dayton, Ohio!





2nd August 2012

I haven't done a lot of updates during the last weeks, but my ar kept me busy! So quite a lot of news wait to be spread around. Here we go:
Please note that the event on 8th/9th September in Norwich has been reinstated for 2012! Saturday, there will be a lunchtime barbeque, followed by a short petrol saving walk and an evening Dinner. Alternatively just sit and chat with John and Lou Shorten. Sunday will be held at Bressingham Steam Museum and Gardens. See events page...

Then we are very happy to announce our new regalia shop. You can now order clothings for men and ladies with the Magnette Register logo. Just follow this link or use the button on the left navigation (Regalia Shop).

The GP100 souvenir DVD compiled by John and Cynthia Harris features extensive extracts from the guest speaker sessions, as well as showing all the other events of the Gerald Palmer celebration. Copies will be available to buy at the AGM (Middleton Hall) for only £10, or alternatively John and Cynthia are prepared to send them by post. This will cost an extra £1.20 in the UK, or £3 outside the UK. Please contact us if you would like a copy"
A trailer can be seen on youtube.

There is also a new picture of the month. But it could be one of the last, if you don't look your archives and photobooks and send some interesting pictures  to me! It would be a pity if we have to stop with this as we had so many nice pictures over the years.

More during the next days with the Silverstone report...


1st July 2012

The Magnette Register day at the Kop Hill Climb is getting closer and spaces are filling fast. We would really like to have a good presence from the Magnette Register at this wonderful historic event, if we don't get a few more cars along, we may risk losing our space. That would be a real pity and it is a wonderful opportunity to show off our wonderful MG Magnettes to the classic car and classic motorsport world. It is a great day out for classic car enthusiasts of all ages.

As this is organised by the Kop Hill Climb committee, it is very important that you get on and book sooner rather than later. Like Goodwood, they will sell out and you cannot just turn up on the day to display your car. So please go to
http://www.kophillclimb.info/ get your entry in and make sure that you say you are wanting to join the MGCC Magnette Register.

Just to reiterate the key point;
The Kop Hill Climb is one of the oldest motorsport events in the UK. It was revived in 2009 and 2012 is the fourth running since it was revived. There is a fantastic line up of prewar and postwar cars. Many of the cars at Kop Hill will have been at the Goodwood Revival the previous weekend. It is a wonderful opportunity to see some wonderful cars in a very relaxed and friendly environment.

Come along in your MG Magnette, join the classic car display or even apply for a chance to run up the hill. We would like to see a good turn out of Magnettes at this wonderful event. Bring a picnic lunch while watching some wonderful cars of enjoy the comprehensive catering.

It is important that you book early is there are a limited number of places and they fill fast. Information and bookings can be done at the website; http://www.kophillclimb.info/

Click on the "Classics and Clubs" link in the left hand side menu. Work your way through the registration and ensure that you choose the MG Car Club Magnette Register in the "Individual or Club" part of the registration page.

This is an official Magnette Register event for the Saturday only because many of us will want to attend the MGB 50th event at Blenheim Palace in Sunday the 23rd of September. Blenheim Palace is very close to Kop Hill, so why not make a weekend of it. It would be great to have a nice turn out of Magnettes to support the MGB Register in their principal event.

We look forward to seeing you there, but please, please book soon.

8th July 2012

Again I'm a bit late with the picture of the month, but here it is...
A note for those who wish to attend the Kop Hill Speed Hill Climb in September has been added to the events page. Early booking is necessary!

26th June 2012

Last weekend you had the choice to visit MGLive in Silverstone or the Z Magnette Day in Northern Hessia. Here's a first report abou the Z Magnette Day. Once I have pictures of Silverstone this report will follow.

13th June 2012

The first information about the celebrations for Magnette 60 in 2013 are now on our events page.
John and Cynthia have produced a very comprehensive DVD recording of the GP100 weekend last year. The 'trailer' featuring extracts from the DVD is now on youtube. Details how to order will appear later here.

3rd June 2012

The picture of the month June shows a Magnette in the thriller "The Vicious Circle". Thanks Francis!
New on the gallery are :
# 28463 spotted in a Tasmanian museum by Loz Scott and
# 19675 owned by Martyn Robinson from Wales,
# 21246 of Andrew McGee from West Yorkshire, which is our 777th Magnette on the gallery!

31st May 2012

The picture on the right shows the ZB Magnette of Satoshi Ohtsu starting for the 50 years Meeting at Villa Hamanako of the 1100 Club Japan to celebrate ADO 16 (Austin Drawing Office project #16). All 3 faces (incl. dog)  watching the flag.

On the other side of the globe Luis Benito Ruiz Bogarin again made some promotion for Magnettes in Mexico. Read his report...

15th May 2012

A bit late this month, but here is the new picture of the month...
As I'm running out of good pictures, please have a look in you photo books, computer directories or wherever you store your photos. We need magnettes in special locations or old pictures when they were new or just used cars...

6th May 2012

Loz Scott sent a report of the Victorian Concours combined with RACV Classic Showcase 2012 held in Melbourne, Australia.

2nd May 2012

Last weekend Lou Shorten, our President and parts supplier for many decades celebrated her 85th birthday. The Magnette register committee went with her to lunch, where she also received this nice cake, which John is cutting away.

26th April 2012

The new events calendar is now available as a PDF-file to print...
Talking about events: Loz Scott sent a full report of the Australian National Meeting in Hobart...

19th April 2012

The season opener in England for 25 years: Magnettes & Steam. Report & pictures here...
Per Malmros found # 2644 for sale in Sweden, which has been added to the gallery.
Do you remember the Magnette Dragster, which also could have been seen at GP100 at Gaydon last year? They now have a new website at www.enigmaracing.co.uk if you are interested to see the progess. I really hope to see this car running sometime!

12th April 2012

Geoff Pollard probably has one of the rarestbadges on his car. It's from Kenyia and really looks nice: 



9th April 2012

Tom Baumgardner sent this picture from the start of the 1993 Lap of Lake Michigan, part of the annual John Twist University Motors Summer Party. Jim Pesta, the owner of the Magnette and he ran it and won it, an 800 mile race around the Lake beginning and ending in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA.

Carsten Wivel found a nice Danish dales brochure including Magnette, MGA and Wolseley. You can train your Danish language by downloading and reading this brochure. Just click on the picture:

4th April 2012

It's time to refresh the ever growing online gallery:
# 1117 was found by Carsten Wivel in Denmark

1st April 2012

We start this  month with a new picture of the month as usual...

28th March 2012

On Friday 30th March at 9.15 a.m. on BBC1 a programme entitled ‘The 1952 Show’ will be screened. The actress Annette Crosbie will be in conversation with our very own Register President, Lou Shorten, who will be talking about the Magnette she has owned for so long. If you can’t watch it live, record it.

18th March 2012

Rutger Boy found this website with an old Dutch roadtest of a Varitone.
And two more magnettes on the gallery:

First # 15057 , which is Tony Welsh's Varitone "Vera" , and secondly # 15150 owned by Thomas Kim, who still has some work in front of him...

10th March 2012

The MGCC Magnette register president Lou Shorten is set to feature on BBC TV in a programme entitled   "The 1952 Show". Lou was has owned her ZA Magnette since the 1950s and was asked to appear on the show which aimed to highlight connections with the Jubilee celebrations. Apart from filming up in Norwich Lou had a trip to London where she was interviewed by Annette Crosby. Annette's father had owned a pre-war Wolseley Hornet which shares an engine with Lou's F-Magna. 
The show is set to air between 26-30 March. More detailed timing will be posted on this website in due course.

1st March2012

It was very quiet during February. Seems all Magnettes and owners still hold their winter sleep? Well I awoke and got my engine out to see where all the oil is going...

We start the update with a new picture of the month.

Then we have our 770th Magnette on the gallery: It's # 31027 , a CKD (completely knocked down) car assembled in South Africa. It now belongs to Aroon Sukhnandan. The car has also been added to the CKD-report.

Moving from SA to Australia:
Loz Scott (well known to regular readers) made a nice 86 page book called " Delving into the MG ZA/ZB Magnette". As he said it was by necessity printed in limited numbers; to-date sales have been to individuals and MG club libraries Nationally. IE Club Libraries: Melbourne, Sydney, Geelong and Perth.

'Delving into the MG ZA/ZB Magnette' was put together because of my anxiety that some important documentation, history, reference material and techniques may be lost if not preserved in an old fashion hard copy. The book draws noticeably on material sourced from original documentation while four personal accounts of Magnette restorations add to the reality of being involved.
My feeling is this 86 page book, nicely, compliments existing documents and sits happily in its own niche.
There are still some copies available for purchase; by:

[1] E mailing Loz Scott This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to place an order in Australian Dollars

{a} International Purchase
International Cheque made out to : Laurence Scott; No 8 Mahogany Close. Grovedale. Victoria. Australia. 3216
Book = $A40.00; Pack and Post = $A15.00 Total Cost = $A55.00

{b} National Purchase [ Australia Only]
Cheque or Bank Transfer
Book = $A40.00; Pack and Post = $A5.00 Total Cost = $A45.00

[2] UK Purchase
Please ask the register for copies

10th February 2012

The events calendar 2012 has been updated:
The MG Saloon Day added and sadly the Norwich event has recently been cancelled for this year due to a significant rise in costs for the hire of the showground which were not sustainable. We're llokung for something else in September.

1st February 2012

Minus 10 degree and the forecast says it's getting colder... Maybe the weather is fine for a winter rally, but that's all. Henk Kroese sent pics and report of a running winter rally... (look at the dashboard...)
Rutger Boy found # 14132 for sale on the net, which looks quite nice...
And of course it's time for another picture of the month...

30th January 2012

Please find the information and booking forms for the 16th Z Magnette Day here...

21st January 2012

It's quiet in Magnette world so far - but we have another nice couple (or should I say trio) on the wedding gallery...

9th January 2012

Luis Benito Ruiz Bogarin reports from a Paz, where his Magnette  became "Best Exhibition Vehicle " against a strong American competitors. Congratulation!

New on the gallery is
# 13084 of Mick Haywood from Staffs.

8th January 2012

2012 starts promising. Francis Dalrymple-Hamilton, himself owner of # 507, spotted another early Magnette on ebay. This tiume it's # 572 which will need a true enthusiast to bring her back to a glory life.
# 36735 is another car that needs some care and was spotted on ebay by Brian Taylor.

1st January 2012

Welcome to 2012 Magneteers all over the world!
We start with a nice picture of the month...
and we add another Magnette to the gallery:
# 24163 found by Brian Taylor on ebay Australia