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New Silk Road Rallye Hamburg - Shanghai 2015

In autumn 2015 a MAGNETTE took part in a journey from France to Shanghai. Here's the story of two brave Frenchman and their ZB MAGNETTE:


This car, MG ZB N°30622  is born in 1958.

 Since "She" has 120000km .At this day,it is like it was in 1958,the same engine never rebuild, the same gearbox and the only changes is the  générator for  an alternator and a modern oil filtrer.For our confort we have put two seats of MG ZT .

All is original .WE start from the Touquet Paris Plage the friday 28 august with the presence,of Mr Fasquel the "Deputy Mayor of the.Touquet Paris-plage . We are going to Hamburg for the official start who was the 30 August.

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No problem for the crossing of Deutschland and Polognia ,only the new alternator "out".I have took and old that I put inside the new at Varsovia.

We are five cars ,three oldtimers (MG TD 1953, MG ZB 1958, Mercedes 280SL)and two moderns cars (Jeep and Hyunday ) without assistance. We stay two days in Bielorussia and four days in Russia , only concern, too many time to cross the borders. The visit of VOLGOGRAD was very interesing ,with the mausoleum of the battle of Stalingrad and the statue of the motherland that measures 110 m High.

 First flat tire in BieloRussie:

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The Motherland of Stalingrad.

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The passage of the Volga is the passage of l West towards East.

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 The Road is more and more bad and we must all days thighten all bolts of the nosewheel on the 2 MG. Just before Atyrau in Kazastan,the fuel pump breake .I,take a new one electronic but with positive earth .Just before the start ,I have change the old generator for a  new alternator,I have forgotten that the new pump was positive earth and the car négative earth. To resolve this problem, I put the pump SU in one of my shoes for l isolate of the car and be able to connect it to ground and positive. It was in middle of the night, and the only spectators were camels.

This repair will last up to Shanghai .


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At Atyrau, we went to the MG garage to look for a fuel pump but in vain. All staff of the garage came to take a picture before the ZB.


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Vincent Dransart, France


#1 WILLIE JAMES 2016-03-21 02:39
Congratulations on a great trip.Its something i would love to do at some stage.
I own a 1956 za magnette in New Zealand and will be attending the National Annual MG Rally on the 9th April 2016 in Taupo NZ.
There are quite a number f magnettes in our country

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