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Practical Classics Restoration Show 22-24 March 2024

Exhibiting a car at a large show in the NEC is a chance relatively few classic car owners have. Our Magnette is no stranger to the show circuit, but it was great to be given the opportunity by the MGCC Young Members to exhibit it on their stand.

The car shared space with an MGBGT, MGZR and Rover Metro. It was the general idea of the YMB to show a wide range of cars from restoration project to complete finished vehicles. 

Throughout the show, the Magnette was received very well. While predictably the majority of younger show attendees preferred to cast their eyes over the more modern MG and Rover offerings, there were some who displayed much interest in the car. It was great to extol the virtues of the Z Magnette to other show goers, one had the day previous purchased a Varitone. The other members of the YMB whom I exhibited with were friendly and accommodating, we worked well as a team to put on a good show. At least one other YMB member is now seriously considering purchasing a Z Magnette, so the effort wasn’t in vain! 

I’d like to thank Kevin, Paul Batho and Roger England for their assistance especially in the display posters which was certainly a talking point. The Young Members were very impressed with the artwork and it added to the overall good image of the stand. The goal of exhibiting this car at the show was to bring the Magnette to a younger audience. Prevailing attitudes cannot be changed in a weekend, but things were much more positive than previous expectations. The work continues!

Jack Skuce

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