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Dragon thunder Rally

Nestled between India and China at the eastern end of the Himalayas and the southern edge of the Tibetan plateau, Bhutan’s population numbers less than a million, yet its cultural heritage is exceptionally rich – it is known as the happiest country in Asia. It is also blessed with spectacular environmental diversity, from snow-capped mountains to sub-tropical forests and lush meadows, and an astonishing range of wildlife.


Rarely visited by tourists, ‘The Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon’ promises an unforgettable adventure for all those taking part in our three-week tour, which starts in Kolkata (Calcutta) on November 1 and ends in Guwahati on November 23. (text taken from

Jose deSousa from Portugal again took his MAGNETTE for a special ride.Here are the first pictures, I guess a report full of tales will follow...

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