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T-Register ‘T’ Party

Sunday, August 2nd was a ‘non-register organised event’ as we were invited to the T-Register’s T-Party at the Shuttleworth Trusts’s Wings & Wheels event, Old Warden Aerodrome.

The weather was perfect, sunshine and light winds. 5 Magnettes attended plus a Magnette owner who, instead of his Magnette, came in the TA which he has just brought back to life.


The Wings display was of First World War fighters through to the jet age with a Hawker Hunter. Civilian aircraft were not overlooked with  a DH88 Comet and Percival Mew Gull, both very successful racers. On a personal note I remember visiting the 1951 Festival of Britain and seeing the gorgeous lines of the DH88 suspended from the roof of the Dome of Discovery. To see it flying again 64 years later made the day.

The Wheels part was an eye-watering display of many historic marques.

Thanks must go to the T-Register for inviting us to their T-Party, a most enjoyable event.


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