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19th Z Magnette Day

End of June is a highlight for Magnette owners on the continent. Magnettes from different European countries meet for a relaxed weekend. This year we met in the Schwäbische Alb south of Stuttgart, which gave us a lovely scenerie and winding roads. The Magnettes came from Luxemburg, Austria and Gernmany and the longest distance travelled was about 800 km!


This year some technical experience and spare parts were needed, as three cars had a short "break down" or better  say "rest". It started with a leaking cylinder head, followed by a broken rubber in the clutchslave cylinder and finally a coil was broken. All failures were fixed on the road and it was astonishing, what spare parts Magnette owners  carry on board.

In the end everybody could enjoy the weekend in this lovely area. The Ray Cain trophy went to Tom Cordes,who just finished his restoration and brought another Magnette back on the road after staying for 35 years in a Garage.

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