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Gathering of the Faithful [GoF] weekend

Introduction   Thanks to the Wagga Wagga MG car club [New South Wales] we had a well organised event to attend. This year 17 Magnettes { 8 ZA and 9 ZB} attended to make a great impact. Additionally most Magnette owners came a day early for a BBQ organised by Peter Baldry of the Sydney club.


Attached files and associated text provide more Magnette related detail of the Gathering of the Faithful [GoF] weekend. There is special appreciation to those who came from the more distant states of South Australia and Queensland; also for others that traveled long distances. 
Gof 2014 01b - The brochure says it all. An event well run for us by the Wagga Wagga  MG car club.
Gof 2014 02b - Registration day Saturday 13th Sept. Informal grouping of MGs as we pickup our registration kits. Including details for the fun run later in the day
Gof 2014 03b - Saturday 13th Sept. Here is Mike Greenwood and partner Jan. They have come from South Australia to be with us
Gof 2014 04b - Saturday 13th Sept. Marcus and Karen Mewett have enthusiastically joined us again with their ZA. Last year a burnt valve almost ruined their trip.
Gof 2014 05b - Saturday 13th Sept. John Cunneen is a keen enthusiast;  he has been helping with the restoration of two other Magnettes [now on the road]. John also puts a lot of time into his ZB [ his array of interior instruments underlines this attachment].
Gof 2014 06b  - Saturdays [afternoon] Fun Run. The scenic route provided a pleasant drive to the town of Lady Smith's local hall. We were told to watch out for the inter-capital express train at an uncontrolled crossing. Good advice as a few cars were delayed by its rapid passing. This picture shows parked and arriving MGs at the hall. Afternoon tea there was too good!
Gof 2014 07b  - Sunday 14th Sept. Last day of GoF. Its a more formal day for judging and presentation; but first the 7.30 am breakfast.
Gof 2014 08b - Sunday. With the Magnettes lined up [premier front row] and most people still enjoying breakfast it was the best chance to capture  a line of 17 Magnettes on film.
Gof 2014 09b - Sunday. Unable to resist another photo of the lineup. Its a pretty location held exclusive for us on the day
Gof 2014 10b - Sunday . Photo from the elevation of the club house shows more activity around the MGs prior to judging. The day ended with announcements of award winners.
 By Laurence [Loz] Scott, 15 Sept 2014
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