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Maggnette ar El Truinfo

Hi enthusiastic friends of Old Cars!

It is a pleasure to report that on Saturday August 23 were given the opportunity to conduct a Caravan Antique Car 4th-, with destination once again the historic village "El Triunfo". This small community is located about 50 km south of the city of La Paz, has a lot of history and culture, as well for the time of year (rainy season), we had to also enjoy a landscape full of life! Recall a brief history of this picturesque village.

El Triunfo is a former mining town that still remembers about the days of glory and wealth. With old buildings remodeled houses and huge fireplaces that survived the test of time. The rise of El Triunfo mining town as occurred in the nineteenth century, when they were discovered deposits of gold and silver led to the establishment of the mining company El Progreso. The prosperity of these lands led to increase to 4,000 the number of people, many of them citizens of countries like France, Italy, Germany, China and England, who came to El Triunfo to play own mining work. Early twentieth century, the mining company concluded its activities in the village and the population was reduced again to the 200 that were initially.
Currently El Triunfo invites visitors to know their vestiges stand as undeniable sign of a prosperous past, such as; The main fireplace, "Ramona" which has a height of 47 meters and was designed by the French engineer Gustave Eiffel. While a small fireplace name "Julia", is situated 300 meters away from the first.
While the days of gold and silver left behind, El Triunfo still holds a small treasure. The Music Museum, a site that houses a valuable collection of about 87 pianos, including some of the seventeenth century.

Speaking as our caravan, we set out to enjoy a green parkway! as rarely seen in these lands, we started our journey around 8:45 am, and after almost an hour away, the caravan stopped briefly on the hill that serves as a panoramic viewpoint El Triunfo, to enjoy a beautiful landscape; after a series of photographs, we continue to the village and park our cars in front of the iconic Café El Triunfo, again the car attracted the attention of both locals and tourists at that time came on special transports the traditional Café, several people they stopped to watch the cars up close and take pictures in the meantime, the group of owners and guests eat breakfast at the front of the property. Following breakfast, Sphar Marcos, owner of Café El Triunfo, and owner of a 1947 GMC Pick Up showed us his 1942 D. Harley motorcycle to which it was giving maintenance. 

Next, the group moved to the house of Juan Pirotta, where we spent a very pleasant afternoon sharing experiences automotive, journals, photos and videos.

Finally, around 4 pm we started back, it was a deliciously cloudy afternoon, if not fresh, at least with very little heat, and with the threat of rain we finally reached a part of the journey, which did not represent risk or problem for our cars, or for participants. 

This time we had the participation of the following owners and cars:

Luis Benito Ruiz MG, Magnette 1959
Juan Tapia MG Midget 1974
Juan Pirotta Alfa Romeo, Alfetta 1979
Martin Guluarte Ford, Mustang 1965
Daniel Ramirez Ford, Mustang 1966
Francisco Caballero BMW Z3M 2001

We hope that these activities will continue to enrich the participation of more enthusiasts and owners of Old Cars! We send warm greetings from these distant and deserted, but very beautiful Mexican soil.

Luis Benito

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