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The David Johnson Challenge Trophy

Following the sad passing of ex-chairman David Johnson in 2017, his partner Jean has asked that there should be an award in his memory, and has made a donation. After some deliberation the committee decided on a Challenge trophy to be presented each year for a notable journey or exploit in a Magnette. This could for example be a long-distance rally - David was involved in several himself, hence we feel it would be particularly appropriate. But there’s no hard and fast rules, so please feel free to submit a suggestion, or indeed to nominate yourself.

The winner each year will receive a small trophy which is theirs to keep - we hope this will encourage overseas nominations (if the committee can’t present it in person the trophy will be sent to the winner)

The award will be judged by the Register committee around the end of October, for a journey in roughly the previous twelve months. If no suitable entries are received then a trophy won’t be given, and the committee's decision is final. As there’s less notice of the judging date in 2018 than there will be subsequently, exploits from the beginning of 2017 will be considered for the first award.

Please if possible provide some photographs to accompany a nomination. Not that we don’t trust Magnette owners to accurately report their travels of course ! But it would be great if the winner can be featured in Safety Fast and on the website, for which pictures would be very helpful.

To submit a nomination please use the Contact form


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