16th April 2017

There's more information available about the 21st European Magnette event in Seenland, Austria (23-25 June), which offers beautiful countryside and lakes for scenic drives, and great food and company. If you're planning to go please book by 30th April

13th April 2017

We've still had some technical problems in the last couple of months which made it difficult to update this website. But moving to a different server has hopefully fixed the problems, and several updates have now been added, including new entries on the gallery. You can also find a pdf of the handy pocket-size Register calendar in case you want to print it yourself, but copies will be available to pick up at all the Register events. The first date is Magnettes & Steam on 15th April, and in case you haven't been to this annual event before, there's a video of M & S 2012 produced by John & Cynthia Harris

11th February 2017

Paul Dalkov in Denmark has recently completed the restoration of a very early Magnette with chassis no. 528. There is a report with photos showing some of the detail differences between this car and later production

11th February 2017

Register committee member Paul Batho made a brief appearance recently on the BBC antiques series ‘Put your money where your mouth is’, as an expert advisor on Magnette grilles. Competitor Christina Trevanion had bought a grille at an antiques fair and hoped to make money selling it on. After meeting Paul at Kimber House, admiring his ZA and hearing some of the history, she eventually sold her grille for a modest £25 profit to an ‘upcycling’ specialist who planned to remove the grille slats and convert it into a wall mirror ! Those in the UK can watch the programme online until 8th March

5th February 2017

There haven't been any updates recently because we've had some problems with the magnette.org server, but hopefully these are more or less solved now.

Read an account by Allen Bachelder of a trip to the North American national event MG2016 in Louisville, Kentucky, in the company of long-standing friend and UK Magnette owner Grant Howlett.

29th December 2016

Season's greetings to all Magnette enthusiasts. It's nearly New Year, and there's a provisional list of Register events for 2017 here, starting with Magnettes & Steam. Look out for further updates over the next few weeks  

13th October 2016

If you're looking for a restoration challenge you might be interested in a ZA 'project car' in South Wales which is in need of a new owner. More details on the forum