A review with pictures and reports of past Magnette events from all over the world

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Crystal Palace classic sprint revival

The MGCC South-east centre put on a display at the Crystal Palace classic sprint revival, 26-27 May, to mark the 60th anniversaries of both the TF and Z Magnette models. The Register was asked to arrange two Magnettes for each day, which were provided by Andy Brock and John Barringer with their ZAs, and Ian Hunt and Dave Newland with Varitones.

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Concours 2013 for the MG Club Victoria, Australia

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VII Fall Festival,
Classic and  Old Car Parade and Exhibition

Greetings from La Paz Mexico,

Post brief report of "VII Fall Festival, Classic and  Old Car Parade and Exhibition, held last weekend. It was an event with many vehicles involved.I am pleased to report that the presence of MG continues to increase, now in addition to our Magnette ZB 1959, a record participation MG Midget 1974.
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Goodwood Revival 2012

Two Magnettes showed up at the Goodwood Revival in September.
"Bumble" originally was a famous racing car in the 70's and 80's. This car in the right colours seems to be the other racer of the period named "Emma", but showing "Bumble". The other one is "Sambo".
Here's more information on Sambo (not yet approved by our hostorian):

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The Wagga Wagga MG Car Club [NSW]

 The Wagga Wagga MG Car Club [NSW] has held its 22nd GOF for 2012 and despite rumour to the contrary the event will continue to be held annually. Friday 07th is Noggin and Natter; Saturday 08th is Registration and Fun Run; while Sunday 09th is early breakfast, Judging/display and goodbyes.

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Norwich 2012

The Register's traditional Norwich weekend (8-9 Sept) took a slightly different form this year, with the omission of the Norwich showground event. As usual Lou and John Shorten held open house on Saturday, where visitors were able to see John's workshop with restoration in progress, and Lou's amazing spare-parts sheds. The afternoon drive of previous years was replaced with a walking treasure-hunt around Lenwade, organized by John and Cynthia Harris. This was hotly contested (and enjoyed), but eventually won through sheer determination by Mark and Steven Bunce