A review with pictures and reports of past Magnette events from all over the world

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2nd Caravan Antique Car to El Triunfo

On Saturday March 15 was held our 2nd Caravan Antique Car , with destination the historic community called " El Triunfo " . On this small town located about 50 km south of our beautiful city and port of La Paz, let me share a brief history.

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News from La Paz, Mexico

Here in Mexico we have an expression for when a planned activity is met, we say : " A promise is a debt.

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Classic car events in 2013 in Mexico

Greetings to all magnetteers from La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico . The 2013 season of classic and antique cars expositions in this beautiful port city of Mexico has finished, I extend a brief report of our participation in the three major events this year :
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Magnette60 in Australia

At the end of October the MGCCSA celebrated the Magnette 60 birthday at Strathalbyn in South Australia.
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GOF Magnette 60th at Wagga Wagga- New South Wales

from Laurence [Loz] Scott

GOF 2013 01a Title   - the Wagga Wagga MG Car Club has again conducted another successful gathering. As the image shows the GoF highlights the 60th anniversary of our Magnettes. The Magnette entrants came a day earlier to attend a special Z Type 60th Dinner on the 12th Sept. Peter Baldry and Paul Vermont provided further information on the night and sold all the available Anniversary Grill badges.
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Magnette60 9-11 August

This was the main Register event of 2013, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Z Magnette launch. For more than a year a small sub-committee (Paul Batho, David Halliday, Grant Howlett, Trevor Jones, Peter Martin and Stephen Tickell) had been meeting in London pubs to plan the event. The format chosen was similar to the successful Gerald Palmer centenary weekend in 2011 (GP100)


Text by Stephen Tickell, photos by Magnette60 participants