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Stanford Hall 27th May

The name of the event was a slight misnomer – scheduled for organisers with a small number of cars and we expected pre-war Austin 7s and Sunbeams pre Rootes group takeover, none of which appeared.


Imagine our surprise when 300 Skodas appeared. However the beautifully manicured parkland provided lots of space which was shared amicably. Did you know that some Skodas have been re-engined using K-series MG engines?

Our display consisted of 12 immaculate Magnettes plus 1 MGA hard top, containing 26 members and 2 dogs, some of whom were new attendees. They were very welcome and we hope to see you again soon.

We were parked in the place of honour, closest to the hall and those who ignored the weather forecasters dire warnings of storms were rewarded with a lovely day, relatively cool in the morning but with sunny spells in the afternoon. Mid afternoon parts of Northampton , only 18 miles away, were flooded but fortunately Stanford remained dry. Most of us spent the afternoon just relaxing but found time to visit the hall with it’s history of early flight.

 Text and photos by John & Cynthia Harris

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