Choice of rear shock absorbers


ZA and ZB were fitted with Girling telescopic shock absorbers as standard. The original part number is not quoted in the Parts Manual, (only the BMC reference), but removing the paint on an original unit reveals the number A7/247

This type is not available unless you're lucky enough to find NOS parts, and no modern types have the same distinctive cooling fins round the body. There are a number of types that will fit physically, but be aware that the originals are oil-filled, whereas modern equivalents are all oil/gas, giving a different characteristic under load. These are some types that have been fitted by Magnette owners

  • AVO TA245 adjustable
  • Monroe 32293
  • Koni 80-1095 (these may in fact be oil-filled)

Unlke the front suspension, the Magnette rear shock absorber is not mounted in-line with the direction of movement, but at angle. This was probably done so that the top mounting picks up the 'chassis' rails over the wheel arch for increased strength, but it has the effect of reducing travel at the shock absorber compared to a 'coil-over' setup. This may be part of the reason why modern oil/gas replacements are sometimes considered to give inferior ride comfort compared to originals in good condition.

It would be possible to modify the mounting to place the shock absorber vertically and therefore in-line with suspension travel. But it might then make sense to consider a full conversion to coil-over-shock, replacing the leaf-spring. One or two Magnette owners have done this, but obviously some method of locating the rear axle must then be added.

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