Polyurethane bushes

Several owners have installed polyurethane bushes to replace some or all of the rubber bushes fitted to the suspension. This is generally done for the following reasons:

  • Longer service life of the bush
  • More precise location of moving parts
  • Less distortion under load

Service life is a particular issue for classic car owners, because remanufactured rubber parts (if available) are often found to degrade within 2-3 years of fitting, even with very limited mileage. Polyurethane bushes only deteriorate through wear, so the average Magnette owner can expect many years of service. There are some disadvantages however:

  • Firmer ride and increased transmission of road noise
  • Harder to fit
  • Metal surfaces which the bush rotates against must be in good condition

The issue of ride comfort can be avoided by choosing the correct grade of poly bushes, such as Superflex 'purple' type, rather than the much harder yellow or red variety that might be used for racing applications. A list of suitable Superflex parts can be found here

These parts are available as a kit from Doug Smith at MG Motorsport, who still stocks them (as at July 2010 he is Superflex's main supplier for MGs). He supplied SPF0960 as an alternative front inner fulcrum bush and front bottom trunnion bush instead of SPF0805, to improve location of the radius arm under braking.


#1 Malcolm Eades 2015-01-27 17:35

I have just bought some bushes from Doug for my MGA. He is still the main Superflex supplier for MGs (as per their own supplier list)so I have edited the article accordingly.


#2 Trevor Jones 2015-01-27 17:42
To improve the handling of the Magnette I have made a few replica Derrington front anti roll bars based on the item on my car.Virtually everyone who has fitted one has been impressed with the difference. These simply bolt on to existing bolts and can quickly be installed. Once these are gone I will not be doing any more as they are very time consuming Trevor Jones 07977507679

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