Anti-roll Bar / Sway Bar

Trevor Jones has developed a bar for the Magnette based on the design originally developed by Derrington. This controls body roll on cornering and improves handling. The advantage of this design (as can be seen from the photo) is that it attaches to existing fix points and requires no drilling, welding or permanent modification to the car. The extreme ends are attached to the bottom fixing studs of the shock-absorber and the pivot points use brackets that attach to the bumper-iron fixing bolts.

If you are interested, contact Trevor on +44 (0) 7977507679



#1 Murray Cowley 2015-10-03 22:25
I have just fitted this item of kit.
What a revelation! It has transformed the handling of my car. Originally I had a good turn in which rapidly changed to strong over steer, almost like the front wheels were tucking under and it was very unsettling, not giving any confidence in getting round corners at all. Now the tyres are old ZXZ's with good tread but sidewalls are not good.

Fitting was easy as I have a pit in the garage but I had to cut off the tops of the bolts (the silver ones at the top of the picture) on the bits that bolted to the bottom of the spring holder as they fouled the steering arms on nearly full lock. This was because the suspension has dropped a tad cos it was old!

All I can say is that it has totaly restored the cornering confidence even old old crappy tyres. Wait til I get the 5 1/2 inch wheels on, disc brakes, servo, MGB engine, 5 speed gearbox, 3.9 rear axle fitted the watch me go! and corner without drama!!
Thanks Trevor, good stuff mate.

#2 Murray Cowley 2015-10-28 22:32
I have fitted one of these from Trevor, the difference in handling is amazing.
Previously it felt as if the front end was "tucking under" causing a lot of oversteer.
Now I can throw her into a bend and she tracks round without any drama. A nicely made piece of kit and very easy to fit, (however I do have a pit in my garage) Highly recommended.
#3 Murray Cowley 2015-11-12 21:24
:cheer: :cheer:
Fitted my swaybar a little while ago.

As I have a pit in my garage it only took me about 40 mins overall. No problems fitting it, the only problem I had was that on lock it fouled the steering arms.

This was solved by tightening the nut down and using a hacksaw to saw off the top of the bolt then filed it, no problems then. My ride height must be compromised by age!

A quick run out to the Moors to walk the dog and the difference on corners was immediately noticable. I am looking forwards to giving it a bit of a "thrutch" at a later date.

So well done to Trevor for getting this kit together, putting his time and energy to help others. Thanks mate!

Now all I need to do is to fit an alternator, fit a servo, disc brakes, 3.9 Crownwheel and pinion and finish rebuilding the MGB 3 bearing 1800 engine and mate it to the 5 speed gearbox with conversion kit and fit that lot. Something to keep me busy over the winter months!


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