Choice of Exhaust Manifold (Header)

Various solutions have been used to help the Magnette engine breathe more easily.

The standard MGA manifold is a good choice and has been proved to work very effectively. It has the advantage that it is an off-the-shelf solution available new or second-hand. It requires a new down-pipe to be made up or the MGA component can be modified to fit.

Long-Centre-Branch manifolds available for MGA and MGB can also be modified to fit the Magnette pipe route. A bit of cutting and welding is needed to change the finishing angle.

Here is a gallery of solutions actually used by Magnette owners.


#1 test5 2015-01-27 18:33
I have come across a company in the USA who have been fabricating tubular manifolds for the Magnette for some time. Contact me for details. 01929553952

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