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Restoration of early Magnette 528

Paul Dalkov in Denmark has recently completed the restoration of a very early ZA, which may be the second-oldest still existing. With chassis no. 528, it was originally exhibited at the Copenhagen Motor Show, and was offered for sale a few years ago, in need of considerable work. Paul bought it and embarked on a careful restoration project, keeping the many detail differences which distinguish this car from later production - he has had several other Magnettes so is very familiar with their construction. As might be expected it has no front quarterlights, but there are many other interesting points:


  • The blower motor (painted red in photos) has an oilcap)
  • Brake lines are attached to the front shock absorber mountings
  • Different handbrake brackets to accommodate the original rear axle radius arm that was later dropped
  • Different wiper motor
  • 01-DSC00847
  • 02-DSC00125 - Kopi
  • 03-DSC00126
  • 04-DSC00127
  • 05-DSC00173
  • 06-DSC00363
  • 07-DSC00364
  • 08-IMG_0562
  • 09-IMG_0563
  • 10-DSC00367
  • 11-DSC00370
  • 12-DSC00376
  • 13-DSC00385
  • 14-DSC00386
  • 15-DSC00387
  • 16-DSC00402
  • 17-DSC00408
  • 18-DSC00409
  • 19-DSC00416
  • 20-DSC00426
  • 21-DSC00480
  • 22-DSC00518
  • 23-DSC00521
  • 24-DSC00522
  • 25-DSC00678
  • 26-DSC00681
  • 27-DSC00826
  • 28-DSC00828
  • 29-DSC00833
  • 30-DSC00836
  • 31-DSC00838
  • 32-DSC00839
  • 33-DSC00840
  • 34-DSC00843
  • 35-DSC00844
  • 36-DSC00846



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